Sunday, February 1, 2015

Driving home

5 months into getting my driving license, I finally drove myself back from from work!!  ! ^^ Not via the expressway yet. That's still intimidating to me.
All along I've only been practising driving from Jem's house to mine.... Which is like only 2 mins away.  :X He's been forcing me to drive the car for countless of time but my constant phobia of the road is still there.

Which brings me to ponder why I even bother getting a license in the first place. But since I have it and a car to drive,  I better practise more esp when the fuel price is record low now. Jem's been paying for the car while I only pay for the fuel.
Looking forward to the day whereby I can drive friends and family around while jem's at work. Go me go ><

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