Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hello happiness!

Things appear to be much happier when i let go. Suddenly the world seems to be a really beautiful and jolly place.
The past one year have been memorable and well...i would say pricey...heh... but i know the future ahead lies plenty of happiness for me.
I've learnt plenty. Be it good or bad, i know it'll mould me into a better person.
Life is really full of surprises. Thinking about others is important but learn to love yourself first.

To abandon the 'first & last' thinking is hard, but i gotta accept failure and move on first.

One will never understand why some things crumble and fail until one can fully experience it.
I used to wonder why breakups happen without quarrels.
2 good souls can be together but if the chemistry is really not there, the spark can't hold out for long.

Happiness is simple, it does not require luxury or high priced lifestyle. It can be as easy as looking at the person in the eye and just smile foolishly.

Now to revert back to my usual bubbly self,

Doreen's back!!! :)

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