Monday, November 4, 2013

The year just keeps getting better

Weekends are just so previous.

Went out with T after work on friday night for my dinner and his supper! Thank god he get to book out early on that day due to Deepavali eve.

Bus off together to Upper Thomson Road for our originally planned pancake fix at Little Pancakes! But upon reaching there the staffs informed that there's no more pancake left! Le sadded! :(

So we end up trying something both of us have never eaten before.

Decided to share a set together so that we can have more tummy space for other food! heehee!
First up is Wafflelicious W.i.C.H
Can't judge whether its good or not cause I'm famished at that time and everything taste good to a hungry Doreen. The man like it tho.

Craving for something sweet so next up was warm Tau Huay-s with Egg Tart and Tang Yuan at Rochor Beancurd!
Intro-ed him to warm tau huay instead of cold ones the other time and now he's a convert. I nom-ed the eggtarts and it wasn't nice at all. Absolutely not worth the calories.

Last stop of the day! Ice cream treats at Salted Caramel!
Can't believe he never had Udder's or Salted Caramel before so i did all the ordering. I love guessing game with him so made him guess the flavours as he try and he only got the oh-so-obvious chocolate correct. Chocolate & Stout to be exact. Not a chocolate lover but i like this flavour!
Horlicks with Tim Tam was his favourite but he guess cinnamon instead. hahaha!
Earl Grey's my must-order everytime i'm there. But it seems a bit too sweet for my liking this time around.

Sunday (3/11/13)

Met up with the man at orchard for our highly anticipated lunch buffet at Shangri-la Hotel!
We played hide and seek before we met around ION mrt level. Hahaha! Fun! A good 20mins spent on walking around looking for him while I'm being watched.
Walked towards the buffet and whoaaaaa. The international spread there is awesomeeee! Never been to a place with such wide variety before!
There's local delights like prawn mee, laksa, chicken rice, wonton noodles, indian cuisines, chinese cusiines, dimsum, western brunch food, pasta, pizzas, salad bars, japanese cuisine, seafood section and a lovely wide range of desserts!

Not much photos cause I don't want to appear looking too noob photo documenting everything hahah! A pity cause i miss the food hahaha!
Just half of what we took here!

Can't thank him enough for the crazily expensive meal.

Was so ridiculously full after the meal, i felt as if i'm carrying a field pack in front of my body sia. hahaha! Went walk walk around after that and felt really terrible.  Laughing at his stupid stories made it worst. Think i totally overate but tried to tahan and suppressed till he went off to prepare for booking in. Wherever we go and the moment i smell food, change direction. Felt like a preggy woman sia! hahaha! Food that cause me to wanna vomit. Whoa~
There was once i went inside a toilet to try and self induce vomit. But nothing comes out sia. Whoaaaaa. Very not me to attempt this kind of things sia.

Send T off while i find a place to sit down and slowly digest the food. Who knows i actually fell asleep leaning on a wall outside the toilet! hahahah! Must be the heavy sugar crash from the desserts.

Did a little shopping before meeting Dee in the evening to accompany each other. She ended up leaving me halfway through for her bf while i go ahead and walk the whole mega flea myself.
Loots of the day! A sweet looking yellow flowery dress at $24, scrapbooking items at $15, oil remover stone at $8, 3 pairs of earrings at $10 and a black tube dress at $5!
Super super love the 2 pieces of dress i bought! Lika good buy! So happy! hahaha.
Met up with Dee and YW again to nua awhile before heading off. This kind of round up my perfectly awesome week!
Shall update about my fantastic Bintan trip on my next entry!


I feel really bad at how i switched so quickly, and especially to someone so close to him.
Glad to have the blessings from K, which makes a lot of things easier...
But still till the end, I'm still such a hurtful person that intruded and screwed a good man's life. :/

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