Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Road trip

Woke up at 5am in the morning to do an early run with NicHo at ECP. That fella la! Only woke up when i left the house. Luckily the place's near his house so i didn't have to wait long. :)
Did a 9km run before we head off for his belated birthday lunch treat. Long chat about stuffs with him while running which pose as a good distraction from the distance. Was hopeful that we could do at least a 15k tho. But oh wells!

Showered at scape and rushed for lunch on me. Finally healthy food with him haha.

My best male buddy for life. :B

Did my lasering and went off to meet up with Kae at OC and off we head to Dean & Deluca to find food for the hungry boy!

Strawberry & Vanilla Tart from him. Thanks! :)

Walked around OC before heading towards Scape's carpark for his cousin car that he loaned for the day.
Off we go to the fish farm! First stop of the whole day activity planned by him. The GPS system in the car is damn hilarious! It was changed to hokkien mode so everything the GPS voice out is in hokkien. Freaking funny!!! xD Cant stop laughing everytime it speaks even towards the end of the day.

We're REACHING!!!!

It's a serious ulu place in SG to the extend i didn't know it exists at all! Just love this kind of peaceful quiet life which brings your troubles away for a moment or two. According to him, if one doesn't have a car, one cant come in cause even if a cab can bring you in, you can't call cab out cause it's off location. Hmmmmm.

Fish spa at Qian Hu Fish Farm! 30mins for $10 which comes with a pair of slippers and towel rental.. Not bad. As it's a quiet place, there's not much people so it feels as if we own the whole place! hahaha!

Started off with the small fishes first! Both of us cant stop giggling when they come nibbling at the feet! hahaha!! Super itchyyyy!!!

I was wondering if they will eat the dead skin of my hands or not so i tried putting a palm in the water which no fishies want. :( Kae commented that all the fish never see such a weird 'feet' before, thats why dont want to eat. hahahahah! wts!

Off to try the big fishes next and OMG!
Before we place our feets in, it feels as if i'm feeding myself to the piranhas! heehee!
They were much more comfy and ticklish than the small ones! Enjoyed the big ones more haha! Can feel their suction and a little rough rough feel from their mouth.

Teased him about the leg hairs and asked if he can feel the fish pulling them or not while they suck. LOLOLOL!

Beside our fish spa was this tortoise feeding area! Super lot of tortoises! ahhaha We were kidding about putting our legs in. Thinking back, a bit regret not doing the feeding! It's just a dollar nia!
Walked around the whole farm after that and saw many different fish!!! So interesting! Esp at those luohan fish which used to be in the craze back then. Had no idea a tiny one cost so much! We tried guessing the numbers off each and anyhow bomb!

Saw fat fat goldfishes which look like they've swallowed a pingpong ball, stingray which look like high tech vacuum cleaners and many more!

Drove off to look around at the nearby nurseries as well as admire the scenaries. Not something one get to see on a daily basis in singapore!
I love flowers! But not alot of flowering plants there as it's not a commercialised nursery. More like those wholesale veggie plantation. Interesting!

Check out the raybans. His 21st birthday present from me. Looks pretty nice right! I have taste!! :X

Next stop, Farmart!
Vroom Vrooomm~

Upon starting our mini tour, this little darling came up to us! It's damn tame and sweet! OMG!!!
SUPER CUTE SOMEMORE!!!! Keep licking and following us around. :)


They are like my daily dose of must see photo on phone! Check out the middle one! Damn blur and adorable!

But actually ar, their fur is rather thick. I wonder how they tahan singapore's weather. Ohya, they feel like teddies too!

The mini animal farm tour's only open in the morning or weekends so we just walka round and see what's there.
Walked past an exotic meat dealer and he intro us to try a bbq quail meat at a nearby eating point. I like it better than chicken! More doing doing. hahahah! This quail confirm got do exercise one. The otah's sold there's pretty good too!

Bought tomato seeds back home! Hope they grow up healthy and fat! Or rather, i hope they just sprout and survive. ahah!

Next stop! Jcube for ice skating! Can't remember when's the last time i manage to catch a sunset and enjoy the beauty of sky transition. Reached the counter and the rink's closed for the day! Damnnnn~!
So plan B, Kallang! Took us an hour to get there cause of the jam. Jeez. With half the day gone, i wish time would just slow down cause i enjoy his company.

Before entering the rink at kallang! Here more pro than newbies sia!

He's damn good at skating. No wonder top 4 in inline before.
The amount of times i fell cant be counted with my fingers. I even cause him to fell twice too. U__U
Many crash lessons from him and at least am a better skater now tho i still fell like mad.

Chua bin 'cones' shaved by him for little stunts.

Changed our attire into something more formal and get ready for 11pm! :X

Thanks to his friend, we got in the royal room and mink for free food and drinks! 
He was starving by then while surviving on only a small sandwich from D&D and otahs earlier on.
This lobster mac and cheese's damn good. Either that or we're damn famished!

Grilled Salmon

Clubbed a bit and its my first time dancing in such a free space. Pretty empty on a ladies' night.
Left around 1am plus and he drove to ECP while i slept like a log.
Peaceful night. Would be awesome if it wasn't so cloudy cause i wanna see stars.
Longest kiss of my life, I wish time would just stop. Like really STOP!
Overall, an off day well spent. :) Just another memorable date to note down.

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