Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Birthday K

Just came back from the most amazing party ever.

14th Oct 2013, Kae's 21st.
Went to help him with cider drinks shopping early in the morning before nuaing for awhile at his house. I miss Jowee! She's still as licky as ever! heeehe!
His cousin and friends came to drive the heavy items over to the hotel as well as doing more last minute party food shopping over at town! Impromptu-ly bought him a bday cake for the cake cutting later on as what's a birthday celebration without a birthday cake!

Reaching the hotel room was like woahhhhh~ Presidential suite. The biggest room in Park Royal. Not as great as Fairmont's penthouse but much much prettier!

*Pretty bad photo quality as i didn't check.

The living room

Extremely high ceiling

Walkway with living room on the left and guest toilet, kitchen, work table on the right. This photo shows like only 1/2 the roomsize!

Got oven somemore! hahaha!


Walk in wardrobe

 Half of the bathroom


Binds that can be lowered to totally block out the sunlight

The balloonists started on their sculpturing for the decors while Lily's daughter and i look around and explore the complicated coffee machine.

Did some minor food set up and freshened up there. Plenty of ciders!

The bathroom is ultra huge and nice. Total trust system tho as there's no lock on the door. hahaha! Can even open up the binds beside the bathtub to bathe beside the city skyline!

Someone pop in the bathroom right after i showered.

The hotel serve up a complimentary cake and wishes for the birthday boy.

View from the work table

Guestbook in the form of plain magic cards that will be used for lucky draw purposes


 Foodie corner! Looks great right?!

My present for him. I think i did a really great job at wrapping! hahah! Pardon the tag, it was wrapped way before we broke up. Placed it in a Gucci box in a Gucci paper bag! Hahahah Hope his disappointment won't be too high!

Lovely view from the room.

When the crowd comes, 4 of his buddies came over to put up a magic show and they were amazing! Mind blown! There's escape tricks, mind reading, illusionist and many more.
Was even invited up by one of sg's zai magician for a short impromptu trick. Hahah Pretty flattering trick as it was about me and K being judges for a beauty contest for everyone in the room. Out of 4 Q cards, I am to pick 2, then K eliminate one. So when the magician reveal the last remaining card to me, there was a mirror on the card reflecting me. :3

Was one of the lucky ones to win his lucky draw but I think someone mistake my gift for theirs when i anyhow left it lying around so oh mansss i didn't bring it home.

Overheard some whisperings about me and him while i walk past some of his outside friends and yea. Gently brushed it off and take it as i never heard anything lol.  

Went into the bedroom with a cup of tea for a quiet me-time after the cake cutting session only to be slowly joined by him, his friends and cousins. Sat around the mad comfy bed and the guys started sharing about their NS ghost stories followed by lots more close up magic tricks. Really fun and entertaining to be surrounded by a bunch of magicians!
Played simple matching games to kill time, clear leftovers and a 'how well do we know each other' quiz where K and i have to match each other's answer for questions thrown towards us! Hahahah kindof fun actually to play that though we ain't together anymore.

Drove off for supper with Bak Kut Teh at Clarke Quay! Been nomming quite a bit of BKTs lately! Soup's not as great as Rong Cheng's but still satisfying in the middle of the night for 9 hungry souls.
Head back for a shower before collapsing on the super comfy bed while falling asleep to those lovely rhythmic sound of heartbeats with your arms around me.

Rise and shine to thunder clouds, your warm embrace and kisses.
Nua around the bed and head downstairs for hotel breakfast buffet. Was really pretty much tired by then and didnt talk much. Getting slight weary and out of place as well. Back to the room was crazily funny with extreme spontaneous tricks and PK between the magicians with plenty of NGs. Super LOOOOOOOL! They even did like live dubbing and all. hahaha rofl.

Accompanied him and his cousins to visit their grandma before sending me back home.

This is one night i'll miss dearly and never forget.

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