Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Horrors 3!

Offday spent with Kae again.
Head to his house in the noon and helped him with some minor twirly balloon twisting and pumping. Think i'm more of a burden than help to him in the process. Keep bursting some balloons and wasting his stock. :/
Grab a quick lunch downstairs before he head back up to continue the preparation for arch sculpturing later on while i bring Jowee down for a walk. That cute little darling's always excited for a walk and chasing tails when she see me holding on to the leash. :D
Walking her always cover me in sweat. Ironic cause it takes more than a 5km run for me to sweat! That naughty girl! hahaha!
Nua and napped till it's time to leave for event with his cousin helping as his assistance and driver. 

Reached Turf Club and saw my mum there! Hahaha! Totally forgot that she's working there until we walked past her.

Returned back to grab my bag and off we head to grab a quick dinner before our halloween horrors at USS! :D Super excited us even bought those devil horns to wear for the atmosphere! heehee!
Head for Adrift(Haunted ship theme) first followed by Songs of death(Asian) then Possessions(Angmo). Songs of death's the boring-est one imo and it's so ridiculously humid and hot in there! There was one part where the scare actors spray lots of water in my face. Damnnnn~  hahaha!

In Adrift, we were splash with some water, in Songs of Death, we were sprayed alot so while queuing for Possessions, he joking say what if the water coming from the top and drench us all.
Guess what, awhile later the weather turned bad and was pouring heavily.
So much for saying that! Hahaha!

Totally pity those people without express queue tickets cause the queue is madness! Looks as if it takes about 2 hours to experience something that last less than 10mins. Luckily he bought express ones.
Ended the haunted houses and head off to the Transformer's ride cause i've never been on it before! Scream like nobody's business cause its that AWESOME!!!! Damn badass experience!

So the earlier mentioned rain started pouring heavily after we came out from the mummy ride!
Bought raincoats and we walked in the heavy rain barefooted! hahaha! Quite an experience! Head off to Lights Camera Action barefooted as well! Awesome to relive those bad weather moments.

Popped in Loui's for a supper with pizza, ice cream and sprite! Nom nom otah pizza.
Did our last activity together at the monster rock which states 'MUST SEE'. hahahah! Awesomeeee musical but he fell asleep. -___-

Hang around awhile more before we walk back to Vivo like a zombie cause we're damn tired!!! Queues for cabs were madness everywhere so we collapsed at a hotel lobby while waiting for his on-call cab.

Overall i think my first year's USSHH is better as it's much scarier and awesome. Nevertheless, gotta thank him much for bringing me there with express tickets somemore.

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