Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Friends and Family, my pillar of support

Been awhile since i did a decent update!

October's supposed to be my most anticipated month but everything's just reduced to nothing now. Glad that my friends been filling up my off days with initial zero plans for me. :)
Always been planning a few days off to date me, myself and i for some alone me-time but that opportunity never comes. Not that i'm complaining. :B

Did a morning run with Cheechin and Jiasheng at our usual place, MacRitchie! Kindof a dangerous place to run at as it's really rocky and all but i always enjoy every distance covered there though i risked many near-sprain moments.
Air is really fresh there as we meet earlier than usual and even crossed through fallen trees that's obstructing the road. Saw quite a few tourists around and one even commented how we manage to run in this kind of trails. :D
Ran a good 10km trail before i brought them over to Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh for lunch!

Entering Midview City reminded me of the past 2 occasions with K but i ain't so upset anymore thinking about the past cause of the 2 jokers who never fails to keep my spirits up. I'll miss them much after they enlist next month! :(
Anyway didn't get to fully enjoy the food previously with K as we're in a hurry for an event the other time so i did quite a bit of side orders this time for the guys! Total damage $31.50 for 3 pax but it's totally worth it~!!
First sip into the bowl of goodness. Soooooo awesomeeeeee~!!!
Best BKT I've ever eatened!
Rated hidden gem by 3 of us! hahaha! Keep fighting over the soup and toasting to everything under the sun with our tiny cup of gongfu tea. CC was crapping about how toasting is tea is better than alcohol as it makes us more and more awake instead of the opposite. LOL!

Met up with J for a short catching up and Prisoners. First time watching a movie so early in the afternoon! hahaha! A freaking long movie in fact! Really fantastic acting from Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal's damn enticing as Detective Loki. Lots of twist in the movie but the duration is really kindof well, too long. haha!
Brought him to try my long time raved popiah behind yishun interchange as it's been hell long since i last ate it and i'm dying to nom it! Wonder if the uncle still remembers me or not as his past regular customer during my school times! hahah!
Damn i love his popiahs!
Ordered yummy jelly ice kachang to share as well cause the spiciness of the popiah smoked J! haha! Why is yishun food just so awesome?!!? :DDDD

Went home and accompanied mummy out for a walk plus exercise. Rare time that she'll wanna work out so just be a filial daughter and be by her side though i exhausted myself in the morning already! hahahah!
Maybe i should start a mini exercise plan for overweight friends' mummies in future. Bring them all out to brisk walk and slight jog in the park! (Y)

Anyway i'm updating this blog cause i just side tracked from doing last minute studying for my FTT test in 10 hours time. GAWDDD I CAN'T FAIL! I can't accept failure! Back to hit the books now!

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