Sunday, September 15, 2013

Working on my offday!

Ahh it's been awhile since i touch this paltform properly.
Days and night's been really really busy and packed till i'm lazy or rather no time to do a decent update here.

Ayway Friday the 13th spent with my love!
Went to his place in the morning for breakfast together before accompanying him for his events!

Reached his place seeing him hard at work with a princess balloon sculpture preparations while i eye power. hahah! Can't help much cept doing simple pumping and tying. :X
Left hander drawing!

Couldn't help with ironing of his clothes so he sent me to walk Jowee downstairs! Hahahah total disgraceful girlfriend laaaaa. Guy ironing clothes while girl walk the dog. :X
Jowee's totally camera shy! Every time my phone appears, she move all over the place. Haiyo! Naughty girl!


Walking her's not as easy as i thought. She's super deviant! Had to hand dig out a foreign object at one point from her mouth that she randomly bite on and refuse to spit out. I was afraid that she'll swallow it and die, then i'll be like a murderer. D:

Head back and see him all suit up and replying emails on his lappy. Guys are always just so charming when they're serious and focusing on work. :X

Cabbed to Suntec for setup and assembling.
I got help in this leh! hahah but like only 1% of it? The tiny flower at the bottom. xD

Rushed off for some awesome bak kut teh at midview city before the next event! Just one of the rare few times where i eat really fast! Damn! Can't properly enjoy the good soup. haha!
Another magic show for the kids and i pity him when the children keep running up! LOL, can't help much except eyepower again. :X

Assist in balloon sculpturing after his show for the kids and waaaa not easy siaa. I burst 3 balloons while twisting. -_-
Only know how to do the petals for a flower from the crash course hours earlier. LOLOLOL. Clumsily bled abit while twisting but it was fun! :D

Cabbed off to his last event of the day and left him for my night function! Can't wait for my next day off! :)
Damnnn sleepy now! Nights to whoever's reading!

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