Monday, July 1, 2013

1st July 2013

Half a year gone past.
Everything's awesome.

2013's not my best year, but it's never the worst.

I've gone through a tiresome FYP process,
I've a fabulous birthday celebrations with my awesome friends,
I've an unforgettable CNY,
I've caught up with old friends,
I've attended D&Ds,
I've gone to Bangkok,
I've been to Taiwan,
I've gained massive amount of weight,
I've ran another full marathon,
I've graduated,
I've started on a full time job that i love,
I've sent my best guy buddy off to NS,
I've met the most fucking annoying guy ever who can't be friendzoned,
I've met the guy who occupied my mind with every moments with him.

It's nearing That date where i spent your 21st with you subconsciously last year,
It's also nearing that day where i can finally get over you. Thanks for the memories.

Second half of the year's gonna be even better. I just know it.
Time to review my resolution and start working towards it again!
6 kg more to kill off! Go go go!

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alchemist said...

omg... my birthday.. and tat's your very wishlist of the day =.=