Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sundown Marathon 2013

I've just completed my second full marathon in my life!

This is one hell of a crazy run that i have close to zero trainings prior to it. To make it worst, I've been leading a pretty sedentary lifestyle with zero control over diet. The end result, 4kg weight gain.
It wasn't my PB nor was it my PW. Anyway this is one of the races that i've joined that i fully enjoyed the process throughout! :D

Went to the race with pretty negative thoughts like cramps, dragging my buddies down, bad abrasion, sleepiness kicking in and hey! Luckily everything went smoothly.

Met up with Jeong first and trained to Promenade before meeting up with Sherica, Mike and Paul.
While we're all still looking fresh and good.

Similar to my previous full marathon, i tied a 2 side scorpion plaits. Not to act cute la, it really brings down the pressure of my ponytail on my scalp as compared to a ponytail. Easier to recognize me from other girls as i'm running in a group with Mike and Jeong.

Plan was the same as the stand chart race last year. Run 5mins at comfortable pace, walk 1 min and this goes on for the whole race. Weather was great, humidity's slightly high, mood's pretty positive too! The first 23km was fantastic with the 6hour pacers well behind us. Everything was smooth till Mike took a gel and went ahead to chase Paul and Jeong started to experience the signs of cramping. D:

Contrary to what everyone hate, i actually love running along the ECP stretch the most. It's just straight and all i had to do is just clear the mind and run. During this stretch i was like damn, running's awesome! Saw MinJing as a volunteer along the route! :D
Pretty much touched by public members who stand by ECP to cheer for or give out isotonic drinks, tibits, sweets to the runners out of their own goodwill. Super nice of them to sacrifice their sleep!

Accompanied jeong to the 32th click via jogging and walking before i sped off without him. Felt sooo guilty there and then but yea i really feel like running.
Took in an energy gel (mixed berries maxifuel taste damn good!) and bursted with energy! hahahah! I totally sprint through a crowd of walkers as if i've never completed the previous distance at all. Feels so damn good to overtake a huge bunch of participants much to their amazement. Surprisingly i even manage to meet Paul at the 35th click. Thought he and mike long completed the race. Went on running and saw the 6hour pacers again at a km away who overtook me while i was walking and went on full speed to chase them. My aim in this race is to actually just complete it within 6 hours since i had no trainings.

Caught up with Mike at the 38th click before we drag ourselves to complete the race. By then my gel is pretty used up and both of us were aching. Damn i hate running so much by then. First time I see Mike weaker than usual as he's usually madly fit. Like machiam on steroids.

We cleared the race together with this timing. Not bad for someone who didn't train for it right?!?! Hahhahha mad proud of myself.

Upon reaching the race village, i felt so ridiculously weak and tired then i just feel like sitting down in the middle of nowhere and cry. Damn shag. Both of us collected out luggages first before waiting for the other 2 to arrive. Even sitting down is a chore so I ended up lying on the ground. First time i appear so ridiculously unglam before a guy. ahahahahah!! Paul found us and we continue to wait for jeong.

Saw Jeffrey! :D He's a crazy ultra marathoner! Salute!

Jeong came and off we proceed home. So damn tired and nauseous. Not sure if its the dehydration or lack of sleep that's causing the problem. Thoughout the journey i sit at wherever possible. On escalator, mrt train floor, any floor! My legs just couldnt support me. Super weak. Only manage to catch a cab at bishan area. So this bunch of 4 smelly souls stink up the taxi. I pity the driver lol! Made mike spray my deodorant all over him cause he just smells too badly!

This will probably be the one and final race this year. Losing steam to run haha!
Seeing people jogging around my neighbourhood scares me!

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