Monday, June 10, 2013

Race The Dead 2013 - 5km Obstacle Zombie Run

Can't believe I signed up for it, or rather, can't believe this kind of race really exist in Singapore! hahah!
A year back NicGoh was jokingly telling me about suggesting to his company to organize a zombie marathon where he'll chase me all the way. Hahah those times....

Well who knows a year later, it happens! Not under Spearing though. Organised by Celebrity Trainers, this is the first time that it's ever held in Singapore.
Inspired by Run For Your Lives 5km Zombie Run held elsewhere.

Since it's organised for the first time in SG, ain't getting my hopes up too high though i still went ahead with the registration together with Ronald, Mike, JiaSheng and Julian. Trusting my 2 lives to the guys since i'm really afraid of creepy stuffs! hahahah I think i'll probably scream till i have no more stamina for running.

Anyway 5k for 66bucks is really pricey. It's like 5k can easily be finished in less than 25mins. Was telling the guys to run slowly, make the money more worth it! hahahah #randomdoreenlogic
This has got to be the most expensive and the shortest run i've ever spent money on. Even my full marathon's race fee is cheaper. :X

Saw the race route after registration (Only 5000 slots available, gotta be kiasu. Sign up first then see info haha!) and was kinda disappointed. I was expecting trails like Changi area, not the beach. ><
Really hate running on sand. Every steps drain my energy off. But oh wells, increase the difficulty. (Y)

Looking forward to it. Hope it won't disappoint! :D

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