Thursday, June 13, 2013

One month into my employment at my current workplace, I feel pretty blessed to be in this shop.
I have everything i wish for!
A well equipped neighbourhood non shabby optical shop with good ethics and awesome working environment. Like a rare find! Gotta thank Phyllis sooooo much for introducing me to this place.

Everyone is so patient and nice to me. I feel totally at ease!
I have the freedom in the world to use all the machines in the refraction room, contact lens trial pieces and practising optometry my way. A huge book of kanski and another experienced optometrist is around to guide me when i'm in doubt with some cases are so assuring especially when i just graduated.

Neighbourhood heartland customers are also very heartwarming when they drop by the shop for a small chat or treating us to food. It's so niceeeeee!

Job satisfaction is really high over here.
I love it when customers thank me sincerely for the help with their ocular conditions or contact lens related complications. When they pop in the shop to tell me how the contact lens I've change for them feels much better as compared to before, it really makes my day.
Furthermore, every time when I successfully taught a new contact lens wearer, not only is he/her happy, i feel really happy too!

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