Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bye Bye Recruit Tan

Narcisstic photo of myself to start this blog entry! hahaha! Taken during one of the rare few times where i bothered to put on some mild makeups and iris enhancer lens.

Journey to the East (and beyond it)

Sent Kianteck off to Tekong last thursday with Santi and his parents!
Woke up to his morning call! Gosh! Been a long while since i wake up before 6am or when the sky is still dark! Gosh why is his enlistment the first batch of the day. 

We waited for a shuttle bus at Pasir Ris bus interchange which will bring us to the ferry terminal. Santi and I were totally excited for this day as you can see on our faces! hahaha! My first time going Tekong as i missed out on my bro's 1.

As kianteck's using camera-less phone already, he keep asking me how many likes i have when i upload this photo on fb. LOL la he! hhahaha!
Upon reaching the ferry terminal, we keep commenting on how it feels as if we're going back to Batam! LOL! Really look like! Even ferry name is called Penguin Tekong.

On the ferry!

We were then splitted from him when we reach Tekong while the soldiers bring us through a tour in Tekong. That place look so niceeee! Really like chalet! hahahah!
 KT's dad keep telling us how bad situation's like to serve NS back in his times. LOL! Typical of all dads! hahaha! I even overheard 1 parent saying that with such better facilities, he don't mind going NS again. xD

 We were then brought into this lecture theatre whereby they show us what equipments and items will be given to those enlistee on that day. Everything's heavy! Add up is like 20++kg. Gosh!

Next up was some history on past soldiers' life and a break in their cafeteria before we're led to a multi purpose hall.
Reminds me of graduation day! ahhaha! And oops i hear the person giving a speech till i fell asleep until the recruits suddenly shout 'YES SIR' together! That totally woke me up from my nap hahah! Bo bian not enough sleep. Super sleepy y'know!

Witness their oath taking ceremony and awwww this bunch of guys are gonna embark an ah boys to men journey!

Reunite with him and off we head to their makan place for refreshments provided.
To be honest, i was pretty tuned off by the appearance of the food but then again, it really taste pretty awesome! HAhaha!!

A final photo as 损友s-for-life while his hair is still sitting on his scalp!

The recruits lining up and preparing to bade goodbyes and waves before marching off. Santi and i were saying that he's so skinny and small among everyone else. Better not get bullied or 学坏! LOLOLOL! 

Direct his parents home before Santi and i go and get materials for a small surprise for him.
Lunched, met up with Ron and off we go to JiaSheng's place for boardgames gathering where the rest were already there. It's been grad day since i see the rest of my dopt peeps! :D Love those once in a while boardgames meeting cause Yongteck's games are always damn interesting and mindscrewing unlike those kiddy family type of games such as monopoly, etc.

Everyone else started on the boardgames while Santi, Ron and i start on the surprise. Kindof happy with the end result! Ron's super badass with drawing! hahaah!

Dinner was food catering at the function room cause its a mini surprise party for Jiapeng and Limin, the 2 june babies! :D
Actually i was surprised too. Unaware about the plan at all. Woops. :X
Catching up about work, leisure, and ZOMBIE RUNNNNN!!! Too bad mike suddenly couldn't make it cause of his enlistment date that came suddenly. Damn!

Left with Amanda early as I don't feel like reaching home past midnight. Thanks JS for the foodie souvenirs from Japan! :D Super sweet! (Pun intended!)

So yea, on that day i sortof while a huge round around SG and beyond it! HAhaa!
Yishun > Pasir Ris > Tekong > Dover > Yishun

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