Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wall of rant

After 4 grueling days as a full timer in an optical shop, i wrote in to quit.
Another 4 more days and it'll be the last i'll see of that shop.

My bosses are super super nice to me as they specially make their way down from other branches to see how i'm doing and how i'm adjusting to my new environment on the first 2 days but i'm sorry to disappoint them.

I cannot take the attitude of both of my Malaysian colleagues. Because of them, i might start stereotyping Malaysians soon. I've never see such bad attitude before! Simple tasks and requests like helping passerbys with directions or tightening screws of glasses irritate them enough to say no. When customers take interest in the specs without buying, they will curse after the customers left.
Like honestly? The fuck is wrong with them?
The addition of their annoying malaysian accent is enough to diss anyone off.

I'm an optometrist. My main role there is to provide primary eye health care services as well as managing contact lens patients well. They are opticians. Their role is to do dispensing of glasses as well as doing refraction. They are not to touch contact lenses and especially not to restrict me from my practice.
Contact lens trial pieces are for me to use and check the fit on my patients, not for them to entice people into buying more boxes for profit by giving them away as a freebie. This is zero respect to me especially when i'm not allowed to do what i deem is right.
When my bosses are supportive and give me the freedom to start a record card system whereby i can hand record reach CL case for future references, they just have to probe in and control whatever i wrote. I'M THE FUCKING OPTOMETRIST HERE NOT THEM! GAWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!
I might as well not record la! Seriously! #facepalmx1000000

Witnessing how they sell contact lenses over the counter and troubleshooting each problematic case, i felt as if i've sinned a lifetime thoughout that 4 days.

To cut things short, i just feel that i'm an optom talent wasted in that shop. Zero opportunity to clear my provisional license cases as well. Leaving would be the best choice available.

I believe i'm usually the positive happy-go-lucky type and for a place to drive me to tears in 4 days. I guess enough is enough. Just glad that i'm lucky to have a nice boss who doesn't charge me any termination fee. :')

If i were the MOH or head of OOB, i will make sure that there is strictly no sale of CL over the counter without checks or else risk having their license revoked. Singapore needs more attention on eye health care like the UK and Aus!

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