Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Macritchie Morning Run

Turns out that i'm not running the upcoming Sundown full marathon afterall!
That idiot Mike trolled me on the last day last hour of registration by saying how he couldn't managed to sign up cause of the lack of debit card and jeong's not at home to help.
HAHAHHAHAH! IDIOT!!!! No more lonely runs! :D

Anyway spent my off day with my bunch of lovely buddies with a trail run at Macritchie Reservoir in the morning!
It was a tiring 9km run but the presence of my companions made it all worthwhile. :D
Proud of Ron and Zoe who seldom run yet joined us in this long distance exercise. hahahah!

Showered there and they accompanied me to Queensway Shopping Centre for my interview in Phyllis's shop. Ohya, ever since my terrible rant about my current work place in twitter and whatsapp, i'm pretty touched by all the amount of help and concerns i'm getting from my friends! Many were helping me to find new shops or introducing me to places that they know are good. What did i do to deserve such awesome friends in my life! ♥ Blessed to the max once again! :)

Walked around and visited Jiapeng as well as walk past Tracy's shop while waiting for the boss to be free.
Pretty much love the environment around but the boss say that i'll most likely be placed at Bishan's branch as it's more convenient. :D There's many different machines and instruments there with ethical practice which means that my provisional license could easily be settled there. Hope everything goes well and i can start work by next monday.
Best part about the interview is when he complimented my results to another optometrist in the shop.
Makes me feel as if all the hardwork and sleepless nights for the past 3 years during exam periods are worth it. heehee!

Went off for a late lunch with the famous Claypot Laksa with the addition of Jiapeng!
Ordered the small portion bowl and i only finished half the bowl before passing to Mike to clear everything from my bowl. It's too spicy!!!!!
If i finish the entire thing, i'll definitely tear from the spiciness! hahahah! But overall it's a good bowl of laksa with a kick though i prefer 928 laksa more.

Decided to have an impromptu steamboat for dinner at Jiasheng's so we bus off to his condo with food from ntuc.
The guys are engrossed in the PS3 as usual while i catch up on the malaysia election hoohaa. I love reading about politics! hahahah! The more drama the jucier it is! :X

Steamboat prepared by Zoe and me!!!!
I rolled up all the shabu shabu meat and arranged them cause i got nothing better to do. Well it looks special doesn't it. heehee~!

Dinner was awesome with all the craps and hilarious outputs from them. hahahaha! :D Puts all my woes from work away!
Hahah my monsterous calves were teased throughout the whole day cause of cheechin! LOLOLOL! The size of my calves is exactly the same as his and when i run, they say i look like a guy from my backview. ROARRRRR!!! I'll strangle them with my calves soon. hahah!
And mike can't stop making blonde jokes about me cause of my old hair colour. HAHAHAHH! Epic day is epic.

This Baileys Orange Truffle taste and smell damn good! One can never go wrong with truffle. Usually i hate the taste of alcohol but this taste surprisingly pleasant and nice! While they're passing it around to try, i was forbid to drink by them all as usual cause they know my threshold sucks badly. But i insisted on a sip anyway cause it smells real good! 

Joined them for PS3 and i beat Mike and Ron in Street Fighter! WOOOHOOOO! Was anyhow spamming the buttons actually. Beginner's luck i call it. :X

Walked towards Dover instead of the usual Buona Vista Mrt and we decided to walk through the school especially the poly50 route. Feeling sentimental hahaha! Feels damn old looking at the CCA students do their stuffs in SP. Darn i miss being a student. Been repeating this countless of times already.

Trained home and it's an awesome day spent with awesome people.

Next off day would be my mini 01 outing to collect graduation attire and catchups! Can't wait! :D

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