Friday, May 24, 2013

Awesome GT chalet!

19th May 2013

Just came back from one of my best chalets ever!
Honestly it's the companions that counts, not the activities or environment.

Had this chalet gathering with my inner mongolia OCIP mates that was planned back from our reunion dinner in february. Gotta thank Alicia much much for organizing and making this gathering possible.

Started the day with Baby Joleen's 1st month party at Bukit Batok Civil Service Club! So happy for Ah hai and Jeffrey! I witness them from a newly wed couple to a preggy lady and now a mother of 2! So surreal! hahahah!
The MAD lounge at the club was mad pretty inside! There're open cages for birds to fly around inside, mantis prawn on display and best of all, aquarium tank tables!!!! DAMN PRETTY!!!!!!
They really bear to spend on their children haha! Ying and i reached too early so we start by attacking the food first haha.
Anyway saw ShuXuan at the party too! Coincidence much as i only know her the night before! hahah! Chatted hell lot with her. Thats what happen when 2 extremely talkative souls come together haha!

Ying left just as my ex icing room colleagues arrive. As usual i'm teased from top to toe by them all. MISS THEM TTM! Hahaha! 3 years really pass by so quickly!
I never leave any baby shower without carrying the little gem!

Popped by clara's shop for a chat before heading off to SPOC to collect my contact lenses that i ordered back then.
Seeing my juniors, walking around the place, so much memories! Feels as if i was still having clinic sessions yesterday! Learned how to put on RGP lenses myself and crap abit with the teachers and juniors there. :D

Popped by Jiasheng's shop as well since i'm in the vicinity and off to the green desert chalet i go! :D
Met up with Adhi on the bus and coincidently saw Baoyi and her friend on the same bus too!

Jon, Amanda, Yongan, Dee, Ardin, Shihui's in the room by the time we arrived! Was sooooo famished by the time i arrived and the food's still not settled yet since they don't want BBQ. They were even considering to order the groupon kfc deal which is pretty worth it and cheap. ahhaha!! JustAcia in the end with the addition of Vivian, Nic, Kai, Kayheng and Ahpa.
Silly dee insist on bbqing so we impromptuly bought bbq items with the only marshmallow and cheese sausage as the only edible items! Silly bbq! HAHAHA!!! But it was really great sitting around the table under the stars catching up on life with each other. Candy and her bf joined in and brought us more food since her bf's family having a chalet and bbq as well! Zhuan dao heehee.

Move back to the room at midnight and the topics just kept going on and on! So much laughters, so much joy! I've been to many chalets, not one comes in as enjoyable as this one. Although there are no drinking, no night cycling, no mahjongs, simple activity like sitting in a circle and chatting nonstop is really pure entertaining! I thought i would collapse by 1am which is my usual sleeping time, but i ended up lasting all the way till 8am in the following day! Hahahah! Time totally zoom past! I didn't expect it to be daybreak so fast!

One by one slept while the final 6 of us lasted till mac is serving breakfast! Heehee! Couldn't decide what to buy so ended up with happy meal and this super cute squidward toy! We totally self entertained and even recorded a Harlem shake the squidward style! Had to control our giggles so much while filming! Shall upload the video next time. :)

Head back to the room and played card games. Wanted to teach them Avalon but i kindof forgot a bit so we play many different games with poker with some involving maths! Due to the lack of sleep, calculating addition is a huge problem! hahaha!
Collapsed on the bed soon after while the rest head home. Luckily Dee extended another 1 night for her family bbq or else i might just faint from fatigue.

Nua-ed till i get enough rest and head off to Sundown's REPC with Mike and Jeong. Felt like an idiot as i walk through the lane for full marathoners to collect the bib. Honestly i'm not in any condition to run long distance at the moment. My stamina's pathetic, my diet's haywire, i gained 4 kg. Totally feel damn unfit! Gawd, i don't even fit nicely into the race singlet. Die! Bought energy gels and head off back to the chalet until i received a call from Mike.
'Take out the thinner booklet from the race pack, turn to last page, you see a guy? Now look down and do you see yourself?'
I totally LOL when i saw my photo on the booklet! It was damn candid and funny la! xDDDDD!
But heyyyyy one don't get to be on a marathon booklet everytime yo. :P

Detoured to Hazelyn's shop since it's on the way and had a mini catchup. Hahaha easy to find friends around singapore due to the saturated optical shops around. :X

WWW with dee and her family before indulging in a scrumptious BBQ prepared by her mum with the addition of Ying!
Awesome weekend is awesome! 

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