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Taiwan 9D8N Graduation Trip Day 3, TaiChung & TaiPei

6th April 2013
Woke up unwillingly! The aircon and bed is way too comfy! hahhaha!
Anyway we went off to explore around the area too look for breakfast as well as have a look at their local wet markets.

Saw this 'Yong He' Breakfast shop. Definitely not the famous Yong He in Da-an district but we still bought something here to fill up our tummy.

Ordered a turkey ham omelette wrap. Super bland. No taste de! D:

Poor mike got drenched with rain water that was collected on the tentage. Ultra suay la he.
The locals in the neighbouring shops were damn nice as they immediately offer their box of tissue for him! Taiwanese are such pleasant people! ♥

Saw custard apple and decided to try it since i never see it in Singapore before. Only Agnes and i dare to eat it. It looks hard but am surprisingly soft inside! The interior looks like a soursop but the texture is different. Overall, a pretty sweet fruit that is to be shared by many!

Initially wanted to buy the ice cream from Gong Yuan Eye Clinic from the raves about it online but the queue is way too long. And i mean it, REALLY LONG. Like about 200m long? Not kidding!
Went inside to look around and it feels so 'Harry Potter-ish' inside with all the tall ceilings and shelves.
LOL check out the crowd inside too!

Checked out and took a 火车 from Taichung TRA to Xinwuri TRA before transferring to a bullet train from TaiChung HSR station (located next to Xinwuri TRA) to TaiPei HSR. Anyway food and beverages can be consumed onboard although their stations and trains are very very clean! Main thing is that there's very limited trashbins around and yet the cleaniness is similar to Singapore's! Impressed!

Figuring out the ticket dispensing machine.

In Taiwan, people really don't sit at the priority seats! It's always empty except when there's needy people on it.

This looks a normal photo of a train structure in Xinwuri Train Station. But on a close up look, it's actually made up of millions and billions of train tickets! Cool or what~!? 

Another Carton King found inside the train station. Looks better than the one we visited at CingJing though we didn't went in.

Bought our HSR tickets using another ticket dispensing machine. Cost us NTD675 each for free seating. One can actually get tickets off at 35% off if you buy them online about 1 month in advance. I didn't do so as i'm sure there'll be delays in this trip.

The interior looks like a airplane setting!

We went in the train too late and majority of the seats were taken up so ended up standing in a small linkway/cabin.

Only manage to get seats at Taoyuan station since a lot of people alight for the airport.
With Gaiana and her striking blonde hair!

Metup with TaiPei Pig Home's service reception worker who brought us up to our room. It's located at a super convenient location as it's just on top of Qsquare mall and next to Taipei Bus Station, TaiPei Train Station and TaiPei HSR. 24 hours shop are of walkable distance too!

Random Engchuan

I booked 蘇菲亞(level 10) for the girls and 黑森林(level8) for the guys.
Here's how it looks like in the photo. When the lady open the door for us, WAAAAAA
DAMN PRETTY!!!!!!! Easily the prettiest place i've stay in~
Really like what the photo promises!!! Anyway the door is via password cose and the lift towards our room requires tapping of the building card. Furthermore there's a 24hr security guard downstairs. Safety totally not compromised.

Hand picked something romantic for the 3 fellas! NICE RIGHT?!?!!! The feel of the room is good.

Unload our luggages and head downwards to travel towards Mr J French Italian Restaurant!!!! One of my highlight in this trip! :D
Grab a light bite from Shun De Bakery located next to TaiPei Bus Station. I wonder why all the bread in Taiwan bakeries look damn good! A far cry from Singapore's!! Wished i could try everything there but i gotta leave stomach spaces for street food so i bought a mochi to satisfy the itching mouth.

Took the metro to Taipei City Hall Station. If you realise, we took all 3 types of trains available in Taiwan on this day! TRA, HSR and MRT!

Took a shuttle bus from exit 2 of the MRT to Taipei Medical University. Taipei 101 can be seen from there! :D

Asked around for directions and TA DAAAA!!!! I"M HEREEEE!!!!


This photo is bloody cool! It's made up of different tiny photos of him!!
Located next to the photo is a 4 level glass cabinet which houses his accomplishments, awardsand souvenir merchandises. Majority of the souvenirs are either too ex or sold out. Got myself a deck of Mr J poker cards for keepsake purposes.

Favourite photo of all! The famous piano from his movie, "Secret" and me! I keep touching there piano here and there cause he touch before ahhaah!


Just gotta looooooove the high ceiling and posh layout!

The desk that Jay penned on using a correction fluid pen in the movie. Reminds me of the times back in sec3 where i sort of communicate with a guy from the same cohort during chinese classes. As different classes use that particular classroom, we leave messages on the tables for each other to read everytime. Romantic hor? Till date i still don't know who that is sia. hahaha! Don't wanna know cause it's a "Secret" too! *wiggle brows*

I koped some tissue back for memory sake to. Yes, i'm that much of a fan girl. Ron did worst, he koped a HUGE stack! Uncle sehhh!

Menu! Yes, i went on the take photo of every single page. hahahaah!

Ordered a set meal which comes with salad, soup, bread, drink, main, dessert. Shiok laaa~

Nommy salad with strawberry sauce! WHY ALL TW SALAD SO NICE DE!!!!

No idea what soup this is but it sure taste great too!

A pretty normal toast

THIS.IS.DA.BOMB!!!! Octopusn Sphagetti with Black Caviar. It looks damn intimidating when it first arrives cause it is in the shade of metallic blue. First time see something like that with bonito flakes wiggling around. Serving portion is super huge! Biggest serving in a restaurant i've ever seen! Can easily be shared by 2 people!
My sphag got laughed and teased by all the moment it arrive but once they took a bite, HEAVEN ON EARTH MOMENT AGAIN! REALLY VERY VERY YUMMY!!! Voted best dish ever among everyone's. If i ever return back, I'll gladly order this again!

Chocolate cake with blueberry jam for dessert.

I realise Taiwanese have a habit of having their drinks after their mains as the drinks always get served right before the dessert. Weird. Anyway i picked peach juice for my beverage and it's surprisingly fragrant and not those commercial yucky sweet artificial type.

Left the restaurant to battle it out with the freezing weather! Saw this super fat and fluffy school dog! Was enjoying our belly scratches until it suddenly got slightly aggressive and fake-bite us. blehhhhh

A kind gentleman helped us with directions and off we head to Shilin Night Market!

We split up with the guys and did a 2 hour shopping before meeting up for street food attack again. Taiwan clothings are really not my style! Didn't get anything much but the shoes are mad comfy and cheap!!!! I bought a boot cut wedge for NTD190 only!! That's like about $8SGD! MAD CHEAP LAAA!!!

Tried this pork meat coffin bread and its a total waste of calories. Bland and tasteless with oil oozing from every bite. Not the type of oozing food that i will fancy.

Ron got us big sausage wrap little sausage. Both the glutinouse rice and sausage is good.

Sausages sold here is GINORMOUS! Compare the hand and the dogs! (They look smaller in photos sia)

3 Happy Pigs!

Mike got us the famous Hot Star hao da da ji pa grilled chicken. JUICY!

I care more for food than photos! heehee!

Herbal pork rib soup

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

Fried crabs which taste like crap

Dan dan mian

Oyster Omelette, this time with the sauce separated


Smelly Tofu which killed us all! We had such fun with this dish from all our pained expression after eating it cause ITS DAMN SMELLY!!! Only Engchuan likes it! Mike and Agnes spit it out upon chewing. At least Ron and i finished a whole piece. LOLOLOL!

Sheng jian bao which was oily and unappetising. :( Wasted calories on this.

Went out to the street again and Ron played this reality Angry Bird game. He actually hit a lot of pigs down but end up winning a small prize only.

Fried milk which is pretty fragrant. Took a tiny bite only cause i was almost frozen to death. ><

I feel that Taiwanese are really polite and 热情.
They are so dedicated to their job that i can see their effort put in everyday be it explaining or giving instructions, etc. Wished Singapore and hire Taiwanese instead of the ah tiongs. Service standard would up by lots!

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