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Taiwan 9D8N Graduation Trip Day 2, CingJing & TaiChung

5th April 2013
Rise and shineeee early in the morning at 5.30am to catch sunrise. End up all i see is clouds clouds and more clouds plus rain! Forever no fate with sunrise one sia. Siannn!

Breakfast was provided by the minsu and it taste super good!
Peifang and Gaiana didn't want their salad so i got triple portion! Shiok cause it's really THAT good!

The annoying rain keep spoiling my plans so totally cancel my green green grassland plan since the sheeps won't be out anyway. No mehmehs..... :'(
We decided to kill time with the card game Avalon with poker cards as substitute.
Serious super mindscrewing game but we all had lotsa fun! :D I'm getting better at it! heehee! Won all rounds for my team.

Mike was trying on my outercoat! Joke laaaaa~!

Cleared out luggages out of the room when our driver arrive to drive us down to Taichung

Gotta take photo with Dubi the huge husky before i go! Anyway the little meimei at the corner is SUPER SUPER SUPER CUTE! I could just hug and squeeze her till she explode man!
Heterochromic Husky. OD brown, OS blue #optometricterms.

And here's her little sister! She like forever half awake de! Damn cute too! The elder sis keep laughing and poking her. :3

Stop by a restaurant reccommended by our driver. It's known for a chicken dish called 旺水鸡 i think. That chicken dish is eaten pulling the meat apart using your hands with gloves provided! Shiok right? But too many of us so we requested for it to be cut.
P/S. I think all drivers in Taiwan got driver feel de cause they all wear cap and huge windbreaker! haha!!

A super happy Santi with her bucket of rice. She looooooooove rice! hahahah! We all nicknamed her as 饭桶!

After a hearty meal, it's an hour journey down to Taichung!
Bade our driver goodbye and went up the hostel that i chose. Auntie Julie House in Taichung which is located near the Taichung Train Station.
Actually we're pretty lucky as the room has 4 double decker beds, i can book the whole room to ourselves without sharing with others.
Auntie Julie is very nice and friendly! Love her hospitality.

That's Auntie Julie on the extreme right. :)

Went off and took Ubus 50 from Taichung Train Station to 921 Earthquake Museum(terminal stop). Feel so handicapped having to navigate our way through on our own without a driver. Worst of all, no 3G for googlemap. Arghhhh~! Have to keep asking for directions. Nevermind, more touristy this way. haha!
Anyway the bus system in Taichung is awesome! As long as you're traveling to somewhere within 8km from your starting point, its a free ride!
Wearing my specs cause a headache started kicking in. Hate how i always get headaches when i'm overseas. With Ron and Agnes!

As we arrived 1 hour before it's indoor closing time, a lot of activities were closed except a short 15 minutes 3D screening which cost us 50NTD each. Super disappointed that we don't get to experience the earthquake simulator. :(
Missed out on mehmeh, missed out of simulator. Sadded much.

Santi, me and Mike in 3D specs!

The outdoor exhibition that showcased a school that was struck by a bad earthquake few years back. Really cannot imagine how come shaking of the ground can cause so much damage. *Thats why i badly wanna go on the simualtor! :(

Took Bus 50 from 921 Earthquake museum to Taichung Train Station then Bus 33 or 35 to Fengjia Night market.
 If you notice, our last meal was the hotpot at around 11+am.
By then it's already 8+ and we haven't had anything edible! Stomach growling like a bear!
The moment we got down the bus in front of the night market, we chiong all the stalls! The rain makes things complicated as umbrella is everywhere and water drip all over us and our food.

Our tactic was the usual everyone buy different stuffs and we share around.

First blood was some zhapalang/yongtaufoo style food. No photo as we're all too hungry. I chose pig blood cake among the ingredients and i think it taste not bad leh. Just similar to glutinous rice cake.

Next up was fried mushroom. Prefer the fatter mushrooms as compare to the golden needle ones.

Fried sotong! Engchuan bought the pepper salt version while Mike got the cheese mayo. I like the latter more~!

Santi queued for a mexican sauce fries while i bought the fried cone thingy with seafood + cheese + cream inside and mike at the fried chicken cutlet with cheese inside. We tackle all 3 shops side by side hahaha!

My fried cone thingy, The cone is very crispy! I was expecting it to be doughy! Overall a really yummy street snack!!! Bursting with seafood and cheese + broccoli! Shiokness!

Eat till chin also have~ hhaha

Ohhhh the cheese oozing out~ @___@

Roasting the beef steak! 100NTD. Pretty juicy but a forgettable taste.

Jumbo juicy hot dog!

This little precious here, is a fried squid stuffed with rice and topped with some condiments. SUPER GOOD TOO!
(I actually saw it featured on a 食尚玩家 episode during my last night in Taiwan! Glad that we bought it heehee!)

Saw this super cute burger and queue in spite of the long queue. Too cute laaa~!
Can choose flavour of the bun, sauce, type of meat.
I pick the milk paw bun with signature mushroom sauce and chicken fillet.
TASTE SOOOOOOOO DAMN GOOD~! The bun is very soft and the fillet is crispy + juicy!
Ron say it's like Zinger! hahaha! But i really really love it!

My queue number that was issued which doesn't go in order.

The bun is damn huge!!!! Compare it with my hand! Or is it that i'm too used to the meager burger portion offered in Singapore.

Too damn good!

Head into a small cafe to meet up with the rest.
Nothing taste good here. We don't like taiwanese style oyster omelette cause of the sauce. Oyster omelette was blah, rest of the food was mediocre too.

Split up with the guys for shopping after filling up the stomach to the brim.
I was in long sleeve, shawl, long pants and slippers(buy on the spot for 100NTD cause my bkk flats lost to the rainwater) and was freezing like hell! Huddled with Santi under the umbrella! Brrrr~

Strawberries!!! This box for 50NTD only!! WTFBBQCHEAP!! Eat till sooooooo happy!

Honestly we were so piggish that night! Its like we walk 5 steps, buy street food! All look damn irresistible! Very chaotic with the rain water and umbrella plus crowd. But we had fun! haha! Missed out on quite a few food photo as it was chomped before i could capture it. heeehe!
(This is my favourite night market among all the others! Really food heaven! Fried, grilled, cooked, braised, fruits, sugared, EVERYTHING!!!)

Bussed back to Taichung Train Station and walked back to our hostel. What a great night!


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