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Taiwan 9D8N Graduation Trip Day 1, CingJing

My second poly graduation trip! Pretty lucky to be able to go 2 countries! heeehe!
Kindof looking forward cause i was the sole itinerary planner with some help from Santi for all the days including the finding of accommodations. Excited to see how everything fall in place. 

Photos by Ronald, Agnes and I.

3rd April 2013
Head off in the evening to collect Taiwan SIM card from Alvin before proceeding to Ronald's house for a ride from his dad to the airport together with Mike. Coincidentally saw Dee while on the way! :D Thanks her for help with the dragging of my luggage. heehee!

Settled my dinner cum supper at Aston's while the rest eat their supper with the addition of Agnes
My last healthy meal before all the nightmare unleash the following day! wahahah!
P/S. I never fail to order their corn as my side everytime. Tooo yummy! heehee!

Nom nom nom!

Check out our luggage size! Only i'm going for 9 days out of them and yet my luggage(purple) is no match for Agnes's! (Pretty cool, Mike see my luggage as hot pink cause he got a bit of colour deficiency.)

Went off to weigh our luggage as well as our body weight while waiting for the rest to arrive! Hahahah!
Mine's 10kg! And.... piangzxzx i gained weight before i flew. 53.9kg! Roar!!

Flight via Jetstar! :)

Never fail to always take a photo here before i fly off! The departure hall! :D

With our dear JiaJia and KaiKai

Nua-ed around the dutyfree while Engchuan have his supper. Its my first midnight flight by the way! Everyone's feeling real sleepy!

Sexy Ronald photo bombing me!

Made them all sign up for free wifi in Taiwan that works something like wireless@sg here.
Can do your registration here!

Anyway we dilly dally too much till i see the screen showing our gate as closing soon. Totally made a run for it! hahaha! So much ado for nothing as we still end up waiting for quite long in the boarding zone.
No idea what we're laughing about here but i like this photo cause we look so genuinely happy!
Santi's my plane partner! I got the aisle seat but i jump over to the window seat since it's not occupied! :)
The plane ride throughout was terrible cause the leg space was non-existent and the chair couldn't recline much. But the view outside was breathtaking! Was totally charmed by the spots of lights/stars in the boundless sky and witnessing the sunrise was a bonus! Their sunrise is about an hour ahead of ours although there's no time difference. 
Anyway the photo don't do justice to the sunrise that i saw. It was REALLY DAMN BEAUTIFUL!
The transition in colours is so indescribable! 

Catching a monorail to Terminal 2 to get phone cards(open earlier than Terminal 1's), youth travel card and meet driver.

Got past this super cute EVA Air's Hello Kitty plane ride. The whole taiwan is like honestly crazy about Hello Kitty. You can find it everywhere!

Near reading glasses for the presbyopes placed at the counter! So thoughtful of them.

Grabbed some food from the 7-11 there as we're all starving! None of us bought meals in the plane anyway. They're 7-11 is so much better than our's! Their set meals look much appetizing and the drinks variety is huge! There's also cooked food like yongtaufoo/loklok for you to grab.

My first meal in Taiwan! Processed food. Eeks!
Packaging looks good, taste bad. I threw it away after finishing the side dishes. Got a processed plastic taste. The widely famed papaya milk is too sweet for my liking. (I have a low threshold for sweet drinks.)

Sat at a corner for our breakfast much to the amusement of our driver. He say first time he see tourist eat meals out of nowhere. haha!

This is our driver's van! It's freaking freaking comfy! He played some smoothing songs and all of us slept immediately! So much more comfy than the ride on the plane! He even activated hotspot for us to connect to the net. Very nice of him. :D

3 of us taking the back seats!

The middle row and back seat girls.

And then..... zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ

Oh ya, our driver is a betel nut addict so he will stop by some betel nut shops to satisfy his craves. Looks interesting! Wonder how it taste like! But will spoil teeth de!
P/S. The betel nut girls look normal leh. Not all are super scantily dressed.

Did a stop by this restaurant in Miaoli for our lunch.
Ordered the 火鸡饭 plus century egg and tofu instead of 鲁肉饭 since i already had the latter from 7-11. This is by far the best lu rou fan/huo ji fan i'm eaten in Taipei! Surpass Formosa Chang standard imo!

Next stopover point was Puli Winery thingy where none of us had any interest in the making and history of the shaoxing rice wine except the ground floor where all the food stalls are located at. Samples were offered everywhere and i bought a 2 snacks back.

Enjoying my passionfruit ice lolly while mike's trying to figure out the ice lolly flavour that i pick for him.
P/S. His one's taste damn weird! hahahah!

Off to 18 degree Chocolate Factory. We didn't try any of their chocolates at all. Bought ice cream tho.
Mike and Ronald's black sasame & coffee and dark chocolate & swiss chocolate. Gaiana and i shared a black sasame & milk tea. All taste great except mike's coffee! Hahahah he like no fate with food! Free flow black coffee is offered there as well much to EngChuan and PeiFang's delight.

As the jam cause us to strike out the itinerary for green green grassland, i decided to push it to next morning and went on towards little swiss garden + carton king.
Started raining and the mist makes my vision feels as if there's severe cataracts inside the lens. Temperature dropped immediately and the wind's not making it any better. Brrrr~ Peifang and i were the only crazy souls in shorts!

Little swiss garden's a pretty mini part with different flowers and statues to take photos with. Lovely place to be at if the weather is good.
Paid entrance fee NTD90 with the discount of our youth travel card. The entrance fee also comes with a NTD20 coupon that can be used to offset the cost of food and beverages from the stalls inside.

Mist and fog clearing up as the rain stops.

Saw cute ducklings, ducks and swan in the lake!

Mike bought duck food and we began feeding them! heehee!

Bought a lavender milk tea with the coupon and i love the flowery scent accompanying the hot milktea. Warmed up my cold fingers!

Carton King which is located next to it on the other end is disappointing. I was expecting more. Its just a tiny shop with pitiful amount of things to take photo with/of.


Last stop of the day! Starry Minsu!
This accommodation is the highest in cingjing among all the other minsu-s around. Perfect place for star gazing and sun rise.
A huge heterochromic husky resides there and it's so fluffy i'm gonna be lost in his fur~!!

 This place actually reminds us of our stay in Nagarkot in Nepal! Same beautiful mountain scenery with a chilling weather.

 Our room with 2 toilets attached. Initially it's only for 6 pax but i requested for 2 more beds. :)

Head out for hotpot prepared by the minsu owners! So awesome to eat something hot amidst the extremely cold weather.

The few of us stuck outside the room in the freezing cold weather cause Santi's bombing inside. haha!

As it starting pouring after dinner, no star gazing for the night. SADDED MUCH! D:
Cause before i reach, i saw on the net that some people see shooting stars here. Suaaaa~

Watch the last episode of The Walking Dead S3 on the TV and slept till the next morning!

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