Sunday, April 21, 2013

Taitai Day out #2

As mentioned previously, Ying and i will always plan a day in a month for our high tea session. This month of April, we decided to have an oriental style with Taste Paradise as our chosen venue!

Glad that i made reservations the night before as there's a crowd at the entrance when we arrived. We were then brought in and seated in a huge table next to the counter. Ambiance inside was great and cozy as i adore the dim warm lighting with portraits of emperors adorning the walls.

The table setting

Refillable pot of chrysanthemum tea. I like the design of the pot.

Here's what we ordered from the dim sum menu!

While waiting for the food, we chomp on the caramelised cashew nuts which is different for a change as compared to the usual salted peanuts served in chinese restaurants. It's pretty nommilicious!

First dish that appear is Deep Fried Taro Puff with Diced Chicken and Prawn (3 for $4.80)
Hmmm actually i'm not very fond of this. the taro taste is not what i expected. Was actually hoping for something like yam paste, it ended up tasting like yam ring. Maybe i misunderstood it. :/

Mini Egg Tarts (3 for $4.20)
They were so tiny and adorable! hahaha! Totally wished it ain't tiny at all cause i love the egg custard in the middle! Sweetness is just right and its texture feels as if its gonna flow everywhere although it's pretty stable. I LIKE THIS! :DD

Baked BBQ Honey Pork Pastry ( 3 for $4.80)
First impression was normal until i kiap it with my chopstick. Whoaaaa why so heavy de!
The pastry holding it is very thin and i initially find it oily when i bite onto it, turns out to be the pastry flakes sticking onto my lips inducing that oily feel. haha! Anyway the char siew burst out upon biting and every part of the pastry's interior is fully packed with the meat and sauce! Another one of my favourite dish! :D

The main star of the day! Steamed Custard Bun! (3 for $5.80)
I swear it's heaven on earth when i took a bite!  IT'S DAMN GOOOOOOOD AND INDESCRIBABLY GOOD!!!! Love the taste of the salted egg yolk. A serving of this is not enough! REALLY!

Pan Fried Shanghai Pork Dumpling (3 for $4.50)
Not nice at all! Waste of calories and money. Should have gotten another basket of steamed custard buns! I prefer my sheng jian bao to come with soup inside and a crispy bottom.

Lastly it's Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken wrapped in Lotus Leaf (2 for $4.60)
Very flavourful with the rice infused with the lovely taste of lotus leaf. Like like like! :D

Our 6 dishes of dimsum for 2.
Sucks how majority of the dimsums don't come in pairs. Hard to share especially for the heavenly steamed custard bun!

Overall was a pricey but good dimsum session with quality! Will definitely return for the steamed custard bun in future when i'm feeling rich! :P

Hang around town awhile before settling in Dome cafe in Paragon around dinner time to rest our legs from our 13cm wedges! Initially wanted a place to rest while getting a light bite but the menu is too enticing and we ended up ordering main dish for ourselves instead.

Craved for fries and ordered The Lot Burger ($15.90) with my beef patty medium well done.
Taste okay but i think Swensen's Mega burger is more shiok and the fries' thicker + fluffier there. heehee! Anyway my sunny side up keep slipping to the side when it first arrive while i stare at it blankly, hoping the yolk wouldn't burst. Check out it peeping from a corner in the photo below.

We spend 2hr 30mins in the cafe chatting and eating. Haahaha typical of us to spend so long in a restaurant/cafe cause we eat real slow and talk a lot! Can't stop eyeing the waiter that's serving us as he's cute! heehee! :X
Foodifatified day! Gotta start my diet tomorrow. Been gaining too much weight since the holiday started. EEKS!

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