Thursday, April 25, 2013

Huge input, huge output

As the title implies, my food intake recent is HUGEEEE and i'm supposed to be on a diet starting this week. Fail Fail Fail! HAhAHAHAH!

Check out some of my breakfasts.

Looks great hor! But not filling enough! Actually it's filling la but somehow my stomach find it hard to achieve the sense of fullness. Damn! I think its the aftermath of Taiwan lor! Stomach size stuck at XL size.

My huge output refers to the exercises that i'm been doing. Sometimes treadmill session in gym, sometimes outdoor running.
But yea i know the weight won't go down cause i really eat a lot!!!! I miss my small appetites back in my serious diet days. D:

Went out gym-ing back in SP with Nic on Tuesday. A pretty crap session as i didn't run as much as the previous time. I did a 20mins run and felt no motivation. Think i passed on my laziness to him and he stopped after his arms workout. LOLOL! Saw ZhiGuang by chance! Such coincidence! He machiam rare pokemon. Very occasional appearance de. hahaha! Anyway pop by my future working place to have a look. Pretty spacious shop. Hope the people there will dote on me! heehee!

Gave in to temptation and had Fish & co with him. Walaoeh. I thought going out with fit people will control my diet. End up haywire laaaaaa. Furthermore i got psychoed into sharing a super sinful cheesecake with him! Jialat. ahhahaha!

Had a bad craving for rice at that moment and ordered this White Fish with Peri Peri Sauce. I like the rice and veggie!!! :D Fish was alright. Taste quite normal.

Red Velvet Fusion
Mixture of white chocolate with cream cheese and red velvet. First time i see a guy having a sweeter tooth than me other than Ronald! Usually is i psycho people for cake, not the other way round! hahaah! TOTAL Calorie bomb!

It's awesome having a good guyfriend whom i can crap all day long with! Hope he's doing good coping with this relationship problems. I don't like friends around me to be unhappy. Been having a few friends breaking up recently. My tw sky lantern wishes are not doing their job! :(

Finally splurge my $30 World of Sports voucher from my Napfa gold. Bought these resistance bands which i got no idea how to use. haha! Noob!

Went on a terrain run this morning with Mike, ZhiYong, CheeChin and JiaSheng at Macritchie Reservoir! Been a while since i've been there. The last time was prep trekking for Nepal trip! hahaha! Those memories under the rain!
As the sun was unrelentless recently, we planned to meet at 10.30, ended up starting the run at 11.30 cause i forgot my running shoes and CC forgot his socks. Geez! We left our brains at home!

The entrance of the reservoir is flooded with monkeys! They're practically everywhere! Mike chose the wrong monkey to scare and it became aggressive by snarling back! Freaked out sia!
Anyway terrain running is new to me and its really pretty tough! Handling the up and down slopes, uneven rocky grounds really test your reaction time. Many a times where we almost sprain our ankle or fell. Plus running in the middle of a day inside a forested area makes everything humid!
Ran till the treetop walk and enjoy some sceneries.
I'm a pretty bad with photo takings so yea... hahah. Awkward tree in the photo.

A pretty lake beside the golf range! Much nicer in reality. Like what i point out earlier, i'm a terrible photographer. hahah!

Luckily i've been running recently, if not i might died out early and be a burden to the guys. :X
We sort of ran on the yellow route as pointed out in the map. About 11km terrain ground. Quite xiong ar. hahah! Well, it's a mini prep for my upcoming sundown which i'm super not prepared for.

Showered and bussed off for a well deserved lunch. Insisted on Teochew porridge against boon tong kee chicken rice at bukit timah. haha! I don't wanna gain back all the calories right after the run. (Which i eventually did la.)

I like the ba chor with my porridge! :D $6.50/person for all this which i think is quite pricey leh. Hmm.. :/ The aloe vera drink ain't very nice.

The guys did a lunch round 2 at the prata shop beside. Decided to give it a pass since the porridge amazingly managed to fill me up.

Ended meal on a sweet note with Udders! Ordered Earl Green and Om-nom-nom sundae to share among us.
Earl Green's made up of Earl Grey, Vanilla and Green Tea. #ithink The first 2's the best. :D
Om-nom-nom's made up of Cookies 'n Cream, Chocolatey Kitkat and Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla. #ithink. Pretty good but not for a chocolate lover like me.

And now for the main star~! D24 durian after polishing off the 2 sundaes! Heehee!

Chatted so much till we lost track of time. I'm always never aware of the time whenever i'm in Udders!
It's such a great day spent running and catching up with the guys. Gonna miss all this times in future when we're either busy with full time jobs or when they're serving the nation.

Anyway I've been spending really a lot on food recently. Gotta stop man. Gosh!!

Shall continue my TW trip updates some other days. Getting real lazy!

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