Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4D3N Bangkok Trip #2

HELLOOOOOO~! Narcissistic photo of myself first! hahahah!

Refer to Day 1 and 2 here!

Woke up at an ungodly timing of 5.45 Thailand time for sunrise!
Went up to level 77 and was kindof surprised that there's no one except me. I thought seeing sunrise is quite mainstream when you're overseas! Especially when you're at a high deck! So yeaps, slowly wait and enjoy the night lights from the city life transit to a beautiful morning that brightens up the area.

Went down to a mamashop to grab some tidbits to nom on while waiting for the rest of the girls to wake up.

Breakfast was a beautiful one with a lovely view. :)
The nommy honey star cereal!

Walked all the way from Baiyoke Sky Hotel to Siam Discovery on foot under the relentless hot blazing sun! We almost melted! 37degree! No joke man!  Tempted by all the street food! heehee

Ying and I went on our Madame Tussauds Wax Museum while Min go walk around Siam area.
Our main purpose there was for Jay Chou actually! We totally photo rape him for 30 minutes nonstop! hahahahah! Keep trying to get the best angle to our advantage but hard laaa! Difficult to get the angle for him to look into the camera. ahaha!
But it was fun in here! We even bough a souvenir keychain with our photo in it. Rather cheap. Like about $5 only.





Met up with XH and Min after our museum tour and grab some streetfood back hotel for lunch.
I bought a stick of corn back after seeing it for 3 days. Mood was low while the temperature stays high. XuHong bought LupChup and it taste damn goooooooood! But pricey ar.

Off for shopping again with Ying at platinum before going to Siam Street.
Bought my nommy crepe again! Egg + Floss + Tuna = Darn good!
Not particularly fond of Siam Street as the clothes pricing there are fixed and its the same as platinum. So didn't really buy much.

Leanne and Vivian came to join us for potluck supper! :D
Really happy to see them! ♥♥♥
We went on to those roadside barbeque stalls to do some 'tze char' takeaways and i ordered salt baked fish, stir fry morning glory, tomyam soup, fried glass noodle, 2 serving of plain rice.
Was actually feeling really really embarassed and pissed when my girls started chiding each other over the cleaning part after breakfast earlier that morning in front of my friends who just joined. I mean this kindof things can say when they're not there right..... :(
It gives them a denotation that they HAVE and MUST help out with the cleaning after dinner. 
I was totally facepalming in my mind. Zzz

Went off to McD with the 2 girls to grab some food while the rest head back to the hotel first. Nommed on their McD samurai burger and Mos's cutlet burger while walking back. Yummeh! Especially the latter. I like! :D
Did food set up back in the hotel with the rest on the dining table and yeap, i got chided infront of my guests for 'uglifying' the fish when i spread the condiments on the fish. Like wtf i swear i almost exploded there and then. Ate a bit and went off to their hotel at Best Western Mayfair Suites in their free hotel Tuk Tuk shuttle service. So yea i got first Tuk Tuk ride for free! :D It's really windy and bumpy lika roller coaster! I keep squealing happily! hahaha!
Had an awesome night chatting with the girls in their room before they send me back with the same Tuk Tuk again. :D
Did a quick wash up, packed the luggage and ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Woke up super early as per usual to meet up with Leanne and Vivian for early morning Pratunam Market shopping! Clothes were really really cheap in the morning! Bought a cheerful yellow flower printed top and a white top for my mum.
Head off back to Ying and Min's room for my cereal breakfast. Nom Nom Nom.
Waited for the girls to pack their luggage, check out, and it's last minute shopping time!!!

Went off with my usual shopping buddy (Ying) and continue to comb the mall from where we left off the previous day. I deem the last day as my souvenir day so was actually looking for clothes to give my aunt, family, friends. But due to the over spending on the previous few days, i only manage to get a pc each for them. Meh.
Grab my last buy of the trip, a charm bracelet and chunky necklace and off the two of us go to attack the street food!
Love the times with her! ♥
We combined our leftover bahts which amount to 400+ to spend on food. Lika shiok~!!!
Initial plan was pratunam mall's foodcourt but we gave up the idea as it was abit pricey in there and the serving sucks, so off we go out to the street!

First item is this chapalang noodle made with assorted seafood and instant mee. The stall owner even wear gloves during food preparation! Boosted my confidence in her food. haha! (60B/$2.50)
It taste like mild tomyam noodle. Not sure how i can describe it but it's really very nice!!
Ying and i stood awkwardly among a road stall selling luggages to eat the noods while the owner laugh at us and didn't chase us away! SO NICEEEE! :D
We ate till jing jing you wei sia! ahahahah!

Next up is supposedly ice cream! But the language barrier is damn huge. The owner don't understand us, we don't understand him, so we gave it a pass. Went for coconut instead! (30B/$1.30)
This coconut is no ordinary coconut! Juice's refreshingly good as usual but the flesh inside is damn QQ and tender and pluckable! hahahahah! I can totally pull out the whole flesh from the shell. I still miss the flesh as i'm typing this.

 Mango Sticky Rice! (60B/$2.50)
Cheaper than platinum mall and the serving's greater too!
 The mango's super juicy and the rice's fantastic! Was intending to dabao a few back to sg but i can't remember why i didn't in the end. haha!

Tried this weird thingy on stick that cost (10B/$0.40).
When i took a first bite, waaaa i like the skin that's holding up the filling! The vermicelli inside came as a surprise for us as we thought it's just normal mashed minced meat inside!

But sadly ying vomitted out a chunk of idontknowwhatcauseidontdaretosee. :/
I'm still doing good so i went on to grab a chicken kebab. (50baht/$2.10)
Never really tried kebab in Singapore before as it's always so expensive! So was kinda suagu when i took a bite. The juice from the chicken meat and tomato. AWESOMEEEEEEEE! Something i don't mind eating everyday!
Ying recovered after a short break from food and off we settle in swensen to chill.

 Sticky Chewy Chocolate Sundae with malt balls (125B/$5.50)
Wasn't actually fond of chocolate and sticky stuffs but i just went ahead with Ying's order since i was in a total foodie mood that day! :D
A little thai boy boy sitting next to us is super cute! He eat his ice cream till damn comical & happy and even sawadeekrap us with palms together. CUTEEEEE~!

As the weather seems to be getting bad, we faster make our way back to the hotel since we don't have any brolly with us. Extremely lucky as the rain only starts pouring when we're about 50m from the hotel. The wind is terribly strong and the rain is lika showering us top to toe. So we SUPER NOISILY run and laugh back against the wind! Quite an experience hahahahahah!!!

Beautiful wet scene of bangkok.

Not when the rain got out of control where tuk tuk look like motorboats!
But then ar.... i suddenly received texts from the other 2 girls stating that they are stranded inside pratunam market as the shelter collapsed. alamakkkkkk~!
Borrowed brolly from the hotel to save them and while on my way, an angmo suddenly stop and chatted with me. ahahhah! Would love to carry on the conversation but i was really in a hurry as we need to catch a cab right after saving them so i just left him hanging on. LOL!
The water on the road is terrible! Half my calves were covered and to make things worst, the water's black colour! EWWWW! Min and XH told me that the flood inside the market's worst with black water, cockroaches everywhere and floating food! GOSH!

Bade goodbye to XH as she continue on her thailand trip elsewhere while the 3 of us cab to Don Muang International Airport. Journey's smooth cause our driver took the expressway. Of course the fee's a lot higher plus we tipped him. :P
Sat alone in the plane as XH's not around. :(
12.6kg worth of bkk loots!
Ordered this wrap (90B) and mineral water (30B) with my leftover baht and enjoyed it while i watch The Hobbit on my phone. haha! Just gotta love night flights! The moon's bigger than usual and it's a smiling moon! :D Plus the pretty nightlights from the city life is a bonus.
Met ShiQi in the liqueur dutyfree shop! Been a long while since i saw her! :D Such coincidence!
Took a ride back home in Ying's dad's car. So thankful for it as I was really very tired.

So here are my buys from the trip. Totally overkill. Won't be that crazy next time. hahah!

On the whole. Bangkok was great. I know i'll be back again soon.


Finally done with this entry! Leaving for Taiwan in less than 6 hours! Woopeeee~