Friday, March 29, 2013

Taitai Day out

Out with Clara and co to OOB in the morning to submit our application and documents for the optometrist license. Am the only sole SP optom among the NP ones. Heehee

Head off alone to town after that to meet up with Ying! Took 4 passport size photo for $10 at Lucky Plaza while waiting for that late pig girl.
Had no idea taking passport size photos were so expensive! T___T
Thought service is veryyyyyy slow, the people there are nice and chatted slightly with me while helping me to edit my photo nicely. hahahah! Somehow the face turned out chubbier than my usual self. Forgot to tell them to edit slimmer. ahhahah!!! #sampak

Met up with ying who cabbed to town and off we go to have lunch at Domani Cafe at Taka first.
Was starving by then as i only took in herbalife with soymilk in the morning. So much for saying it will fill you up. That fullness only lasted 30mins for me. T_T Digestion too powerful hahah!

We both order the set lunch which comes with a soup, main and drink.
Service was slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~
Anyway we took the reccommended Pearl of the Orient which comes in a teapot and it taste damn niceeeeee!
Pleasantly surprised when i took a whiff and a sip of it. A lovely concortion of Rose and Jasmine that resulted in a super fragrant tea.

My Soup of the Day (foreground) and Ying's mushroom soup came next.
Think mine's zucchini soup as they just told me that its a vegetable soup. Was expecting a clear broth when it arrived. Soup would have been better if it came hotter. :/

My Valencia Seta! Chicken and Mushroom stewed in brown tomato sauce.
Pretty refreshing especially with the addition of the lemon slice.

Ying's cured ham and truffle pasta. We forgot the name for it. Love the hint of truffle scent. :D

There's a pair of people sitting beside us who ordered brownie obsession that came before our mains and we went like wahhhhh 2 huge scoop of chocolate ice cream and the brownies.
The people only finished a scoop of it and left while we carry on eating as we're super slow eaters.
Even as we ended our meal and carry on chit chatting, i can't help but notice the huge scoop of ice cream at the corner of my vision.
ITS NOT MELTING! Like from the time it arrives till then, it only melts a bit? We're wondering if its a cake inside or something. Super xin yang yang to wanna cut and see if its a cake or not
While the waitress and waiters are not looking i faster took a spoon and slice through the ice cream! HAHAHAHA
Feel so damn accomplished after that. Kinda crap of me but hahah!

Ice creams that don't melt are creepy, but ice creams that melt too easily are crappy. I rather eat the former. :D At least the mouthfeel will be better.

Went around gai gai-ing in orchard and hop over to the Watson 1-day member sale. Ended up with a $109 damage. Didn't expect myself to buy anything initially! :X
Loots were Avene moisturiser and 2 bottles of Sunflower+Evening Primrose Oil+Vitamin E supplement.

Saw Yim while making our way to Mandarin gallery! Amazing how she even manage to recognise me when i was on my ponytail wig. :D

Anyway our next stop was high tea at Antoinette!
Super love the Victorian style decorations and ambience there!

She ordered a pot of Tahiti Tea and a slice of Forbidden Fruit. Her intended cake was Antoinette, the signature cake but the last slice was taken by a pair of girls who came in after us. Soooo near yet so far. Sua.
Tried her cake it taste pretty special. I like the tangy taste that it leaves after every bite instead of the usual sweet aftertaste. Green apple flavoured cake. Her tea was described as sugar cookie and it really smells like 1! Whatsmore the tea didn't taste as sweet as it smells. Was telling the girl that if one ever crave for sugar cookie while on diet, can come here an satisfy the craving. :P

I got myself a pot of Geisha Earl Green Tea and a slice of Strawberry Shortcake.
My taste pretty light. No wow factor unlike the previous tea i had at Domani. The cake was nice and fluffy! As i'm the type who will always scrape off cream whenever i see it, i polished everything off the plate cleanly this time! Very niceeeee!

My taitai company of the day! heehee

Oops a bit engross in my whatsapp convo.
PS. I love the concave chairs! I wanna carry them homeeee! hahaha!


This place is so relaxing and chi-chi till i think we're there chatting nonstop for close to 3 hours subconsciously. hahaha! Was stunned when i look at the time when we left. Our conversations never end since the day i met her in sec1! ♥
I think refilled my tea at least 5 times! Heehee Massive tea drinker. Wished i can enjoy life like this everyday. :X

Went shoe shopping after that! Hahaha having high tea session is so addictive! We planned to have one every month! hahaa!

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