Thursday, March 7, 2013

SOA Dinner & Dance

*Massive photo spams and long entry*

Monday was Singapore Optometric Association (SOA)'s 2nd annual meeting for all the graduating students from SP, NP and UM.
Morning session was more of a dialouge and presentation session where distinction FYP were showcased as well as student life highlights and optometric laws.

EngChuan's FYP presentation was damn good as usual. Even Pervin whatsapp me a 'zai' to describe him. haha!Yim and Yongteck's presentation about life in SP was awesomeeee! Especially when a lot of photos taken back in year 1 and 2 with yim pop out in the slides. Those memories. I'll keep them in my heart forever. 3 years. Really passed by way too fast!

Went for a preliminary check in WCOC with Santi and Engchuan in his car. Shuangzxzx. 

Metup with Pervin at Yishun MRT before train-ing there. If only there's more people in yishun, i would have opt for cab. Not fond of travelling in public transport when i'm all dressed up. Reached Furama Riverfront Hotel Reception area and mingled around after registration.

My year 3 class! :D

Year 1 and 2 class! :D

Syafiq! :D

My 01 class and i went off to a corner to MASK UP! HAhahah! As the theme is masquerade, our definition of mask is something....different. LOLOLOL
Enter the reception again much to the laughters of others! Cool right?! xD


 This is how the ballroom looks like. Spot a candid me! haha

The table im assigned to has 3NP and 7SP optoms. Kinda pity the ngee ann peeps as we seem dominating. Anyway here's Jianxiong and Lijin, the NP optoms.

My secondary and poly classmate! Pretty xuhong!
Her haircut and dye cost $900+! GOSH!!! Can go overseas already!

After a few dishes, everyone heck care the food and went around photospamming. LOL!
For the rare few times, food's no longer my priority. Actually it taste normal also la... can skip it. haha!

Class of 01s again!

Missing Mike and Farid.

Zoe, Yongteck and Sirui


Kianteck!!! My BGFF! Best guyfriend for life!

Dorcas! :D

Sirui and Santi! :D Their company are awesome as always.

Yonghui and Jiasheng! :D

Irritating teecheechin! Always disturbing me! haha! I specially bend down to make him feel taller lor.

SiJui! :)

My hiao zabors! Xuhong and Sharon! :D

Roxanne! ;)

Yingying and Jingrui! :D


Pretty Valencia and Lili!

Nice buddy to have around! Jeong/Zhiyong!

YongTeck! :D Its always a fun time with him around! Compulsory member of our cookout session! XD

Pervin! :D
My childhood friend since nursery times! Super coincidence how we chose the same course!

Jianbin! :D

My pretty tall and short girls. Leanne and Vivian!

Mask up!

This fanying ar! Move nonstop de! hahaha! Burping monster!

Agnes, Peifang and Baoyi! :D

Engchuan! He look like my daddy here!

Which leads to this photo!
My favourite of the lot! :DDDD
Peifang as mummy, Engchuan as daddy while yim and i as sister since so many people say we look alike.

Awkward Jiasheng and awkward Doreen posing. HAHAHAH I like this photo too! Super cute!

JiaZhen! My course's top scorer and magician! Thanks for the entertainment throughout!
I always bully him into doing everything for me when we have counter duties together. xD

Some of the polaroid shots that i spammed~

Pervin! :D 

My Sis! HuiYim! ♥

Pretty Lili! :D

Fun size JiaPeng~ :D

The girl i'm thankful for, for all the rides in her car! :D YingYing!

JiaSheng! Our boss for Poly50! :D


SiRui! :D This chao beng beng! hahaha k la he's a nice chap! Thanks for all the car rides too!

My pretty girls~!

Kindof sad for the performers on how halfway through everyone is busy taking photos and no one pay attention to the performance already. hahah! Food were also neglected on every student tables! :X
Anyway my lucky draw number is 0105. First prize winner is 0106. Wa piang eh! Heaven die die also don't want me to win luckydraw one. -__-
Ron won't the third prize... a rather useless prize too! Mallet unit to check fixation disparity! LOLOLOL

Snapped more polaroids at the reception when the dinner ended and a SOA incharge suddenly pass me the whole paperbag of polaroids and films for me to spam finish before returning next time....
Shiok maxxxx~! Inside still have like 60 films! Can spam till the rods get bleached forever! hahah!

My bunch of girls joined Pervin and his friends for drinks together after the dinner at a sheltered place beside the river. Luckily of all the liquers they bought, there no vodka! hahahah!
SP-NP optoms bonding. LOLOLOL! People there are friendly and outgoing! :D
Before we sat down and while i was on the phone, i saw the NP guys passing their outer coats to my girls. So i thought wa so gentleman, scared they feel cold. So when i ended my call and one of them pass his to me, i just commented, 'oh i don't need. I'm not scared of cold.'
#facepalm moment
Purpose of the coat is for us to cover our legs when we cross leg on the ground. HAHAHAHH! Totally LOLed~

Introed and played circle of death.
Don't know whyyyyyyy everytime i play this, I always get the last king card! Have to drink up all the nonsense they pour in. Suaaa. Suay max. Luckily my childhood friend help me clear half the cup.

Fist game with Jason with 2 cups of Jagerbomb cause both of us hate the taste. Like cough syrup! eeeks! But luckily he's damn blur, keep losing. So much for a 4pointer. heehee!
Next up was with YuHeng to clear JimBean. Taste damn gross! Like liquid bao. Pervin say its like medicated oil for the feet. LOLOLOL! He's damn good at tricking people la, even after i got warned, i still lose. -__-

As usual, tipsiness plus my self hype personality catalyses the effect. Everyone thought i was drunk. -___-
Just mere high only lor!!!
Took out the polaroid and spammed a few more before police and my other SP mates come to pop by. hahah!

HuiHui! I like that girl! Very chatty too!

One that look like me and one that has the same name as me.


I really wasting films, taking this shot. LOLOLOL!
Marcus and YuHeng

JiaSheng and JiaPeng! :D



Too bad i didn't manage to get the SP-NP shot! They keep saying i'm drunk and insist that i go home. wapiang. I sincerely wanna spam finish the photo only lor!

Thanks to JH and Pervin for sending me back to my doorstep.

An awesome night indeed!