Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pulau Ubin Cycling!

Met Santi, Ronald, KaiHo and EngChuan at Tanah Merah MRT before setting off to Changi Village food centre then Ubin for cycling on Monday!
Been a while since i see this bunch of peeps and crap a lot with them! ♥
I love my class peeps! I'm like little girl among them cause they're all at least 172~180++ while i'm just a 157... hahahahah!
The ferry ride cost us $3 instead of the usual $2.50 as there's not enough people for the boat to start.

The FYP team! hahaha.

 The Classmates!

Anyway just a random fun fact, all 5 of us here are of different chinese Zodiac! hahaha!
EngChuan's Pig
KaiHo's Horse
Santi's Sheep
I'm Monkey
Ronald's Rooster

Yeap our age deviates quite a bit but the company is still as awesome as ever.
Rented bikes for $6 each. :)

My trusty bike that didn't stay with me for on.

Ron trying out his bike after not cycling for over 10 years.

Led them to the place where I had traditional Ice Kachang last year with my inner mongolia team.
But then ar when we got there, there's only cold drinks and coconut available! D:
Ohya, when we park our bikes, we suddenly heard 'glaucoma, cataracts' and we're like there's eyecare people around?!?!
Turns out to be our seniors! The final batch of UM peeps!
Coincidence much! :D

Thanks Santi for the coconut treat! ♥♥♥
EC with his super cute and tiny paper fan in the background! hahahaha!!

See how tall they are?! i was wearing a 4cm tall platform slipper somemore!

Set off after awhile towards Chek Jawa.


While parking our bikes outside the road towards Chek Jawa, I SAW WILD BOAR!!!!!
It's so fat and cute! hahahaah!
 Can you spot it?

Wanted to catch sunset in Chek Jawa but i think it'll be too late by then.
But of course the view's still fantastic!

Went up a viewing tower in the mangrove trees area.
Climbed this 5-storey high stairs and got rewarded with a breathtaking scene!

Ohyea, check out my hair of the day. :D

We hide in the shade while Ron wanna suntan. haha!

The breeze and scenary was good so we nua there for quite a while. Don't wanna moveeeee~!
And when we finally do, i realised my bike was taken by someone else when we went back to collect from where we left off. Walauuuuu
Neh mind, take someone else's de.
Guess what?

I fell down on the rocks. Luckily no huge scratches! The bike's too high and heavy for me! ><
The guys adjusted the seat for me and.......1 minute of riding, another problem.
Stupid me chose the wrong bike. It was 'broken' as the stopper behind keep dropping down! Arghhhhhh.
Ended up pushing all the way.

Ran and pushed until I fell again. Huge orh cheh! LOLOL. Stupid la me.
The guys fixed the stopper by jamming it with a plastic bag. LOLOLOL!
At least i don't need to push anymore. :)


 Reached the jetty and my legs look like they've been through a war. hahah!

Beautiful scene to end off our journey.

As well as Ronald's unglam face! LOL!

Dinner at Changi Village Food Centre again!
My Mizzy Nasi Lemak which have a crazy long queue!
But i think it taste normal only leh. Rice not fragrant enough.

Some other chapalang food that we shared around.

Ended the night with a 1hr ++ journey back home. @___@