Monday, March 11, 2013

Eggs & Berries

My boss gave me the wrong timing for event, resulting in Leanne and I reaching Expo 4 hours early. I could've strangled him on the spot if he's around. D:
Luckily he's willing to pay us as promised so off we go to splurge that money on this all day breakfast restaurant in Changi Point that I've been hearing good reviews of.

Eggs & Berries!

The atmosphere inside is pretty with a little hint of retro from the colourful stripes found on the chairs and table mats.
Service was pretty great and the condiments (Strawberry Jam, Chocolate, Maple Syrup) for the pancakes came in cute little bottles!

Leanne's Sweet Brioche French Toast with Sausage and Scrambled Eggs ($15.50)
Kope a bit from her and hmm.... taste quite forgettable. 

My Salmon & Herbs Sausage & Eggs ($13.90) and 3 pancakes

They give you a choice of how you want your egg to be cooked : Over-easy, poached, scrambled, sunny-side up.
In my case, i chose scrambled egg.
Its kindof special eating salmon in the shape of a sausage. It taste kindof powdery with a little kick of spiciness aftertaste. Not bad i would say.
The rosti pancake is ultra superb. Honestly Marche's one is nothing compared to this. If only they sell a huge plate of rosti instead of having it as a side. The red mess at the corner is some kind of beans that i don't know of.
Not very fond of the pancakes as i prefer it to be very fat and fluffy. The ones served here is just...flat. Goes well with the maple syrup tho.

Overall a filling yummy meal at an affordable price! :D
I'm actually craving for it as i'm typing now. It only it's not located at an extreme end of Singapore. D:

Awesome meal and girly chat with Leanne for 4 hours in the restaurant! Goodness!
Time pass by super fast. hahaah! 2 over talkative souls! :)

Anyway best part of this place is 10% off if you pay via POSB or DBS cards. :D :D :D
Can't wait to breakfast here again!