Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Diploma Awarded

Final semester result's out today and i'm pretty glad of the outcome. Not the GPA that i set myself back in pre-poly days but i'm VERY satisfied with this number as i know i put in my very best effort in majority of the papers especially back in year 1 sem 2 onwards!
I slog overnight till half my life is gone, camp at starbucks for days, deprived of sleep for nights.


I wasn't very hardworking back in primary and secondary school so before i enter poly, i told myself that i must graduate with a GPA that i can be proud of. I did it.
Was actually aiming 3.8 and above with Dip with Merit, but yea, wasn't that smart. haha!

So yeap! My final cumulative GPA is 3.612.
Okay may seem kinda mediocre to some of you but did you know i pulled it up from a pathetic 3.188 back in Y1Sem1??
The process was tough. Very tough. Starting with a low number. Even when my Sem GPA is 3.8, not much pulling was done to the cumulative score.
Lost my Y1S1 result email so shall start from Y1S2.

Proud to state here that my GPA, since Year 1 Sem 1, NEVER DROP before! AHAHAHAH!
Not a single Cs or Bs since year 2! (B+ not counted hahah!)

When i see the 2 words 'Diploma Awarded' I just go Aww~

Though i'm aware that a high or low GPA don't matter in this course as Optometrists are in high  demand in Singapore, but its still feels damn good to graduate with a number that i can be proud of.