Thursday, March 21, 2013

4D3N Bangkok Trip #1

There goes my virgin Bangkok trip. Completed half the chapter of my graduation trip.
Taiwan 9D8N coming right up in a few days! WoohooO~!
I think i sound like some rich girl who can afford to keep traveling to people who don't know me well. I spend half my life in school days and week ends waking up at ungodly timings for events or work just to enjoy life afterwards. LOL!
Pretty glad that I'd raised enough money to cover all the expenses of both trips except the shopping money for taiwan. I'll think of something somehow. haha.

Anyway Bangkok feels like Singapore in a way when i'm there! It's really damn safe and I keep forgetting the fact that i'm not in my homeland! People there are extremely nice and friendly! Forever returning my smiles with wider ones. I like~!
The moment i say 'kob kun ka', the people there all like very happy! hahahah!
Ohya, the crossing road part was LOL. Gotta be fiercer than the cars, if not crossing the road is impossible. Not as bad as vietnam tho.
I was feeling pretty touchy throughout the trip though. There's quite a few moments where I just go abnormally quiet. Not very happy as....
One thing for sure, i really hate being spoken/scolded to with an irritated voice.
Really kills the mood. So yeap, it wasn't really one of my happiest overseas trips but still an enjoyable one nevertheless.

*Credits to Ying for some of the photos!

Pre-flight day
Met up with Ying on the bus then Min at Yishun MRT station before we gather with xuhong for an overnight stay at her house.
Checkout our luggage-ception idea.We stuffed the small black cabin luggage into the medium purple luggage and finally into the big pink luggage! Awesome way of saving up on luggage cost. :D

Collapse and slept on XH's sofa upon reaching while the rest of the girls do some last minute research for the days ahead.

XH's mummy's nommy guo tie for breakfast before setting off to the airport in a cab.

Our pinkish luggages! Chao girly max!

On the way to Terminal 1! With my BFF! Our facial features differ like east to west!


XuHong's my plane and hotel partner! :DDDD

Reached the Don Muang Airport with a really famished tummy but decided to tahan till we reach our hotel as the F&B shops there don't interest me.

They're pretty creative to avoid any language barrier when conveying their message.

Got on a taxi and check out the queue of drivers outside the airport! Some even pose for my camera! hahaha! cute la!

Did the checkin for Baiyoke Sky Hotel and we got upgraded from standard zone to sky zone! One of the rooms got upgraded from a superior room to superior suite! Sweet! Nicer view of the buildings.
The service there is great too! The bellboy totally ran towards us to help us with the luggage. Such enthu people, how to find! LOL!
Settle our stuffs and head off for food!!!


Had lunch in Platinum Mall's food court.
Baht need to be exchanged into coupons or rather 'foodcourt card' to make purchases at the stalls. Ordered wonton mee and ate like some hungry ghost cause i was famished beyond normality. Cost 50B and the portion's pathetic. Pfft! Went for mango sticky rice after that (100B/$4.20).

 Hotel card, polaroid photo, foodcourt card.

Familarised ourselves with the surroundings, bought phone SIM card and head off to Centralworld to buy bra and Platinum for clothes for the next day since we came with empty luggages!
SIM card was cheap at 250B with unlimited 2G and 140MB for 7 days 3G. Not bad right?!
Best part of the day was the stretch of street market outside platinum mall to pantip plaza.
So many personalised items and pretty barang barangs!

Check out my customised passport holder! Forgot to make a few more as souvenir! It cost only 100B/$4.20! Damn worth it and the material's good!

Grabbed a pork ball skewer to share with the girls from the street stalls. Taste a bit sour and weird. Hmm. 10B only tho.

Famished beyond hope at night again and dabaoed KFC back to hotel. Wrong choice. I thought everywhere else closed so end up grabbing fast food. Meh.

My buys of the day.

Woke up early and stoned around the room chatting with Leanne on whatsapp while chilling on a cup of Twinning Jasmine Green Tea provided by the hotel. Can't wait for her and Vivian's arrival to BKK!!!
Breakfast was instant noods to save money for more clothings! hahahah! Pathetic eh.

Min help me tied a super pretty waterfall braid! If only i know how to tie it myself~!

Unconsciously split up into 2 groups with me and ying together as usual for shopping. She's been my favourite shopping buddy since sec2! ♥
Bought a pony tail wig from a street stall outside Shibuya19! Initially just see see look look as i find wig a waste of $. But end up try till i bought 1. -__- It's 199B only! CHEAP!!
Grab some street food as usual of this 2 pigs.
This looks interesting so we bought a packet 20B. The stall owner already warn us that it's sour but we #justdoit. hahahah! Check out our expression! gosh! ITS REALLY SOUR!

 Saw this prawn (20B) and hotdog (10B) skewers and got it too!
The prawn's a bit weird. Like floury and rubbery leh. Reminds me of vegetarian prawns that i always throw into the steamboat during reunion dinner.

Hotdog's great and juicy! Noms!

The stall owner's very nice as ying accidentally knock off one of his skewers and offer to pay, he rejected it. Aww :)
Photo of this nice chap.

Saw Delwyn in one of the shop in Platinum mall. She stare at me while i stare back before she ask 'Are you Doreen?' which i replied with a 'Are you Delwyn?' LOL! She's my maplestory online friend back in the secondary school days! Funny way of meeting up as i've never seen her before in SG and we see each other before via fb photos. WTS! xD Small world sia!

Shared lunch with ying at the foodcourt. Pad thai and Tuna+Golden yolk thread+Ham+cashew nuts Crepe.


Awesome time shopping in Platinum as i really didn't think twice before buying and never spare a thought for the money spent at all! Luckily i portion out the money for shopping expenses the night before! If not i might accidentally splurge everything off on the 2nd day!
Took a rest after awhile and 2 of us head back to our hotel to relax and explore around the facilities.
Level 77 observatory deck was beautiful with many photo taking spots.
Met some Singaporean guys there and asked them to help us take polaroid photos. Took photos with him too in return as it was his 'dare' from his friends. LOL!

Wanna bring is boat back home? Break it! xD


My favourite polaroid photo~! Lika vintage~

Explored around the street food outside the hotel and whoaaaaaaa. If our self control wasn't high enough, we would have bought something from every stall! Everything smells and looks good!
Glad she's the type that won't get turn off by street food. :D



Off to Terminal 21 at night via Airport Link(15B) and BTS(30)! Quite an experience to travel like a local tho the transport fee is not exactly very cheap. Beautiful sunset scene ruin by my cui phone's camera.


Terminal 21 is quite an interesting mall with a creative concept. Every floor has a different country theme and even the toilet staff & security guard is dress according to the theme. Best part is the toilet! The decorations were so elaborate, its madness! Singapore should have something like that!
Didn't take much photos as... hmm i think they're not the bunch who like taking photos.
So walked around the mall.

This is a toilet! Serious!

Ate Cocoichibanya for dinner. Not exactly what i wanted since I don't like to eat food that can be found locally when im overseas. But went on with it since the rest seems excited about it. 2 dinners spent on 'Singapore' food. Abit wasted but ohwells.
Anyway the salad is damn good. I hate cherry tomato but this one's super yummy! omg!

Rushed off to Tao Kae Noi land before it closes!
TOTALLY SQUEALED WHEN I SAW ROAST PRETZ & CORN PRETZ!!! Those 2 are my favourite pretz flavours and they cannot be found in Singapore anymore! Bought 30 packs back! hahaahah! #pig

Our buys. I bought the most. Oops!
 Grabbed some cereal and milk with ying for our breakfast the next day. I seriously cannot tolerate eating instant nood again. hahah!

Played around with my wig when i return back to the hotel with XuHong's help. Miss how i look with long pony tail! Been a loooooooong while since i felt the heaviness of the hair. Looks natural right!!!

Stupid competition between us both to see who look more retro! hahaha!

Buys for Day 2! Overkill!
Chatted with XH till 2am plus before collapsing on the bed. :)

Stay tune for Day 3 and 4! :DDD
Shall end off here with night scenes photo which you can't make out what is what! :P