Monday, February 11, 2013

Year of the Snake

Early Reunion Dinner at 4pm+~!
Another year of simple affairs without the mainstream steamboat! heehee! Prefer it this way!
Ate till i'm closed to explosion.
Played Ah Boys to Men for my parents to watch on my laptop. Dad laughed like mad and keep telling me about his army times. i know i know~ LOL!

Wrapped up a little CNY goodie bag for Dee with my mummy's angbao inside. Quite nice leh! My packing skill is awesome. 
Went out to clock in 10k of steps before meeting the girl for catchup and movie! Was still damn full at midnight! Thats how crazily much i ate! Gosh!
Thanks to the girl for the treat~

The show was really stupid! hahah Funny but really very stupid! LOL!
First photo of the CNY!

I look damn cui but yea, for the sake of keeping the colour till CNY, i haven't wash my hair since the day i dyed it on thursday. But i think i did a fabulous job braiding it leh! Looks like that! Added effect to enhance the pattern LOL.

Walked home alone at 1am+ without her consent as she keep urging me to bus back. Yea, i'm rather stubborn. Partly also due to my over confidence in myself la. Im sure i can outrun people.

Its kindof different this year. In a positive way that i like. :)))))))
Except for the rain nonstop part!
Some self shots! heehe! :X
The day i finally washed my hair! Feels damn awesomeeeeee!

Preparing to go out!
No one to help me take full body shot so... yea haha.

 Mummy's tired due to the lack of sleep so we waited till 1pm plus before leaving home.
My family! ♥


Left for a house in TPY before going to Potong Pasir to meet up with the majority of my paternal relatives.
Sat in Fion's family car to the usual place where everyone gathers!
Fion! (:

Chatted much more with my relatives of all age. No longer am the shy little girl who sits at a corner listening to all the conversation. (:
There's a new baby in the family and he's so cuteeeee! Super huge and fat! hahaha!
But baby marcus cried when i carried him. T___T

My cousins brought their newly adopted dog here too! Russell the Jack Russell!
 My relatives comment that he's quite stupid! hahahhah! xD
Ate a little bit there and off we go to the last house! My yipo's house! The only limited place where my maternal relatives gather cause majority are at Indonesia!

My bro actually look pretty cute here when he's trying his best to smile! xD
I know i look damn ah lian. Bleh. I was forced to snap the photo on the spot lor. Suaaaa.

My first aunt and mummy! Sisters for life. lululululzxzx
My mum's already the bigger size one, so when she's in front, she look fatter than ever. xD

So i make my first aunt stand in front!
Now it balance out! heehee!

With my cousins!

Family photo!

Nicholas fetch me from a foot of my yi po's house in the evening and off we drove to AMK hub.
Supposedly planned to catch I Love HongKong 2013, but only the front 2 rows are left. Nevermind.
A Good Day to Die Hard. Left the first 2 rows too! D:
End up settled with Hotel Deluxe with a 3rd row from the front! heehee!

Dined at Ajisen first and i ate till so clumsy! Eeks! My food drop everywhere on the table and the spoon toppled to the ground too! Hahahhah we totally facepalmed. xD

The show's pretty retardedly funneh! xD Not much of a storyline. Just there to make you laugh! hahaha! There's one scene that reminded me of Kianteck during the night at Santi's 21st! He drank so much and close to vomiting till he hooked the ends of the plastic bag on his ears throughout his way home! xD
Snuggled in his coat and wished the night didn't end so soon. :X
Felt kinda bad cause he always pay for my stuff. ><

Drove me back home and ended with some shots.

Ugly angle and lighting but thats all we have! lololol!