Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project 48kg

Really really determined to own a new body this year! Sick of carrying extra weights around the lower body and belly.
Ying always comment that my upper body and lower one don't match. I strongly agree. :/

Anyway took my weight this morning after my 3km morning run with an empty stomach.

Janaury has been a terrible month with my weight going haywire. I started out with 52.9kg on 1st Jan. Subsequently it keeps climbing as i got lazy to exercise and starting emotional/stress eating.
Not that i'm emotional or what la. I just can't seem to control my mouth and started eating till i'm ridiculously full late at night before sleeping. Really horrible! I can see my face and body swelling up, complexion depleting. Was in total denial as i don't dare to take my weight anymore.

It was until my group mates and i starting taking photos in the midst of doing fyp then i face up to reality that i'm gaining weight.
Check out this photo taken back in around mid 2012. I have 3 races around that period so was pretty fit. The chin's so sharp!

Now compare it with this one. The cheek ar, really last warning. 
I could feel the fats there, really! Especially when i smile. Sucks.

However, i'm glad that i brought it down this week.
Aiming for 48kg by 3rd march 13! Comon i can do this!
Sticking back to the days of boiled sweet potato and eggs with plenty of fruits.
I feel more energized recently especially with the addition of brewed green tea on top of my diet. :)

Anyway some random stuffs.
Saw this tortoise crossing the path during my run. Super cute!
It climbed up from Yishun Pond beside KTPH! hahah!