Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last Chapter

Hahha feels kindof weird posting this when it should come before the CNY entry. Oh wells.
Long entry up ahead! 
6th February 2013.
The most significant day of my polytechnic life. The day of my Final Year Project Presentation.

Photo during some of our practices in days before the actual one.

Was so stressed up to the fact that my dreams on the previous night turn out to be darn twisted! On the other hand, this dream served as a stress reliever for my FYP group. Hahaha!
Dreamt that there's a crazy guy along the corridor towards FC 2 stabbing at a cockraoch repeatedly. Michelle walk past and got stabbed as well. Tho its a murder case, but i see it as a suicide case in the dream. Everyone started asking my group what happen and why our supervisor committed suicide. LOLOLOL! I still remember replying 'I don't know leh. She's fine the day before and we still presented our slides to her. She didn't display any signs of depression leh.'
In the next scene, we're back to the place where Michelle's body is and the lecturers surrounded her and crying. Then Mr Ho was hugging to her body while mourning. 
My throat wasn't at it's best due to the over-spampage of mandarin oranges. :X Yummeh. Heehee!
While buying 白花蛇草水 from FC2 fruit shop, i accidentally dropped that can drink. So i picked it up, paid the auntie and open the can on the spot. Before i'm aware of what's happening, i accidentally 'blessed' the whole fruit shop and the auntie with my 'holy water'! LOOOOOOL!
No idea it was that frizzy! Lika totally embarrass myself! HAHAHA!!!
Another stress reliever joke for my FYP group.

Anyway i've been meeting my team early every morning for rehearsal and practices as the time gap closen up. Shows how much sleep i've sacrificed! Being the 6th group to present out of the 7 ain't comforting at all. Heart was beating so furiously fast and i've never felt anything like that before! Had to think about the 2 stupid incident as mentioned above to calm myself down! hahaha! It works yea! For Agnes they all too! hahahah!

I'm glad that we did well during our presentation. Stutters do occurs a bit but the flow was still smooth and good! :)
Soooooooo proud of all of us. Though we kindof screwed our Q&A session up, i'm still glad that all was well! :DDDDDDDD

Snapped photos and changed our clothes before heading for our celebratory dinner over 21inch pizza at Peperoni Pizzeria! 
Good job mates! :)))))

With Michelle! Our project supervisor!

Mrs Tan! Our co examiner!

XuHong's group whose under Michelle too!

KianTeck and i started playing with silhoutte poses! Look like eye right?! :DDD (Actually look like a cat too!) Ron's the nose!

We tried to make eyelashes with it. PHAILZXZ!!

Bussed with Kwokfai who's on his way to SIM for PT studies. ahahah! He cute la! All the groups wear till solemly black or white while he's the only guy in the lecture hall in bright green! xD
But he's a really nice time keeper! :)

The traffic jam on the way there is terrible. The walk into the place isn't much of a convenience too! But yea we had our pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~
Its really hugeeeee but the photo doesn't say so! D:
Craving for something more as we ain't satisfied. Some tiny stomach person say that it can feed 6 people. No wayyyy~!
So off we bus to Upper thomson for ICE CREAMMMMMMMM~
What happens when you can't decide between Salted Caramel and Udder's?
Ordered Chocolate Sorbet and Earl Grey Tea. The girls like the latter while kianteck only like the chocolate. Difference between guys and girls! haha!
Chatted about many random things and laugh till i almost died.

Moved on to Udder's. Ordered their alcoholic sundae as reccommended by their staff.


I don't like! Kianteck too much to my surprise as the 3 of them are alcoholic fan. Its way toooooo strong! ><
Crap about even more stuffs and we're inched from death. hahahah Laugh too much!

Time passes so fast till i'm shocked when they update me about the time. I thought it was 9pm+ when its already 11pm! Gosh! Time really flew! Faster than an airplaneeeee~

Trained home with Zoe and Kianteck! :)))))))

School to finish up the last 2 project. Our podcast is ridiculously funneh!
Shall not elaborate here.
Anyway i went off to dye my hair at a salon in my neighbourhood. ITS BEEN A YEAR!
Have i mention before that i don't like black hair? haha! Picked a red and the person alter it for me.
Turns out freaking fantastic! Loooooove the shade of the red! When i go off to buy fish slice noodle after that, the owner also compliment on it. Heeheee #lehappygirl
Popped by Min's place for awhile and gotta thank her for giving me a colour protecting conditioner! :)
Colour's not obvious here!
Last day of school, 8th February 13.
Went to class with my newly dyed hair! :) 
Enjoyed all the compliments by everyone! heehee! Majority were worried for me on whether i'll pass clinic with this hair or not. But yea i'm prepared to serve demerit hours already.
Okay actually it isn't that bright la. I edited a little bit of purple shade in it. Looks unique right?! Maybe i should try this colour some day! 
With my 2 important girls who make up the important bits of my poly life! ♥♥♥

Credits to Santi for the photos below

Lingered around clinic before it starts to discuss with the planning committee about the DOPT graduation dinner. Can't wait for it!
Sansan gave me a packet of self steamed cashew nuts in return for my pineapple tarts! So nice of her! :)

Anyway surprisingly everyone in clinic even the strictest staff close an eye to my red hair! Teachers even compliment the colour! I love it too! HEEHEEE! Min was my patient for the day with Shajan as my clinician. Everything went super smoothly and i scored Exemplary for all 3 components by him! Super rare! HAHAHAH! But i feel awesome after seeing it!.
3 of us chatted about facial problems and he even shared with us about his past skin woes and the treatment that he'd undergone. Don't seem like he have it before as his skin is damn smooth! So tempted to try his surgery though its currently banned in SG.

JiaZhen went around asking people to sign on his poker cards and even performed tricks for us! Damn good with closeup magic! hahaha! Though i always see magic performance in this event field, i'm still prefer amazed!

XiaoXia went around taking photos as it's her last clinic! Everyone squeezing into my room!
Anyway thanks min for being our photographer! :)


Went off with min to meet ying who's been waiting for us for quite a while. oops! Got carried away with photo takings!
Trained off to Chinatown for their mala hotpot! Since i don't take spicy food i stick with the dumplings and beefball soup. Taste pretty good. Got china feel. hahah!
This 2 girls. Everytime must take photo de. tsk tsk tsk.
Head off to walk walk awhile before i'm hurried home to save my brother who's stuck outside the house without keys. :/

Anyway school's awesome. Ended on a positive note and i'll missed it for life. :)