Saturday, February 23, 2013

Adventure Cove Water Park

Wayyy too many activities happening. Shall touch on the latest ones since i'm actually kindof lazy to recap back on the previous days.

Had an impromptu Adventure Cove Water Park outing with my babes yesterday! Cost us $29 each. Cheaper than i expected somehow for an attraction in Sentosa.
All 4 of us donned bikinis for the first time in public. haha!

Santi and i already had ours while Zoe and Sharon bought theirs on the spot that morning.

Regretted stuffing myself silly with lots of food recently as my mid section was smaller the week before! hahaha~ but oh wells!
As we went on a weekday, the waterpark is only filled with a handful of tourists! That means ultra short queue! Feels as if we booked the whole place to ourselves. haha.

We started off with Adventure River! It's somewhat like the lazy river in wild wild wet. Just a prettier and longer version. Grab a float each and we floated aimlessly with girly talks. haha! I love the part where we can see fishes from the aquarium! Damn awesome!

After getting wet, we walked past the Rainbow Reef where one can put on a life vest and sortof 'scuba-dive' with the fishes! Only competent swimmers were allowed so Zoe and i stood outside while Santi and Sharon went on. IF ONLY I COULD SWIMMMMMM! D:

Dueling Racer was fantastic! We went on it twice before heading for Riptide Rocket. The latter is something like a roller coaster water version! My favourite ride of all and the only one that requires queuing! Screamed like mad from all the unexpected ups and downs! :DDDDDDD

Went on another 4 slide rides, water playground and off we slack in Bluwater Bay which creates artificial tsunami on certain intervals. I like bobbing around on the float in the pool. Tried doing frogstyle and i got improvement! not bad! :)
But i'm still pretty much handicapped without the float. :X

Slack off and suntan a bit with my babes along the beach chairs. We just feel like nuaing around as we got sick of the attactions already.
Parts of the major photo spams!


Washed up and decided to do an ultra impromptu steamboat dinner at Sharon's place.
I love impromptu plans with enthu peeps! hahaah!
As all of us didn't really ate before going to the waterpark, we were like starving animals when we left!
Visited Kianteck in Paris Miki and he changed his appearance! More handsome liao siols! ahahhaahh! :D
Went off to giant for our steamboat ingredients shopping after playing around with the frames and shades at his workplace.
Check out this giant teddy! Bigger than me! Rather heavy too!

Bought really ALOTTTTT of food and train off to Punggol Breeze.
Love her house as the wind is fabulous!
Her mum already did majority of the setup for us! So thankful for it! :)
This is one of my most expensive diy steamboat but yet its one of the best!

Nommy dinner with gossips among my girls! heeheee! ♥♥♥
Ate till i really almost died of happiness!

Strawberries for the exploding bellies!

Been visiting friend's house almost everyday! I love my busy life! hahaha!