Friday, February 1, 2013

A jumble of thoughts

How fast time past isn't it! January flew past before i knew it! Was so coped up with projects till I didn't really had much time for blog. (even if I have, I don't have much interesting stuffs to update about! haha). 2013's a total bore compared to its predecessor. 2012 i miss you so much.
My definition of busy used to be related with outings, gatherings and work. Now it's all about school work, tests, projects, FYP!  Leaving school at about 9pm close to daily! Hectic max! But then again, it's always a joy in the midst of rushing FYP with my groupmates as they're awesome! :)
Think i'll miss times like this in future haha!
5 days left to our presentation!

Can't believe my polytechnic life is going to end in 15 days. Its like...ITS WAY TOO FAST! All the friendships and awesome memories from polytechnic totally catalysed it.
Can't accept the fact that i'm gonna be working full time an optometrist without lecturers supervision! Kinda scary at the thought of it. Though clinic is always stressful, i'm sure i need more of it before i'm prepared for the society.
I was pretty much living in denial as i refuse to abandon my student life so early so i started looking at other courses from NTU and NIE. But in the end i'm still back to a square one. None of the courses are interesting at all~ If only optometry is more regulated and recognized in Singapore. I heard that even the University of Manchester is at the risk of closing down. :/ Total at loss on where to proceed in life.
Anyway i didn't manage to hit my target in Poly. As i came into Diploma in Optometry previously due to interest and passion, i told myself to graduate with a Diploma with merit. But yea... didn't managed and am far from it. :/ Oh wells at least i'm satisfied with my current GPA and am proud that i work hard every semester for it.

Anyway Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day is creeping up.
Super looking forward to the former! Kinda excited to see my relatives and also bak kwa! heehee! Love the goodies but gotta watch what i eat this year.
Screwed my diet last year cause of CNY. Shall persevere harder this year!
Ohya i did some CNY bakings recently.
Tried making Pineapple tarts for the first time! Been scouting around for good pineapple tarts recipe and saw many raves from this blog. Followed everything listed there except that i used sarawak pineapple jam from Ailin Bakery House and also decreased the icing sugar to 5tbsp.
Brought some to distribute in school and am glad that feedbacks from lecturers and friends were good! It doesn't taste as sinful as the normal kind yet yummy at the same time~! :)
Sansan even ordered a container of it from me! Feel so honoured as its my virgin try at baking it. heehee!

Before the sent-off to the oven!

Settled my CNY clothes as well over 2 occasions. This is the first year i spent so much on CNY clothes! But on the positive side, i love them all to bits! :) Going for a different style this year since my top and bottom is faux leather material. Actually, i carry different style every new year! hahah!
Favorite and most expensive buy is my stacked heels. But since it's so comfy, light and in a chio shade of blue, i forgive myself for buying it! hahaah! Best part is that it doesn't 'gek' out my calf muscles! :D

Valentine's as usual is gonna be a normal day for me! haha! Though i really do wish to have some guy companion that day. :X
Did some sweet distribution last year for my class. Not sure if i got the time and energy to come up with something. Kindof miss Valentine's back in secondary school cause even if i'm not attached, i still get little gifts from friends around.


Oh yea, despite the countless of times i say that xxx will be my last race that i will run.....
I signed up for Sundown Full Marathon! LOLOLOL! Talk about fickled mindedness.
Actually i run mainly for the finisher shirt la. Sundown one's better than my stand chart de maaaa. Luckily i still have Mike and Jeong to accompany me again. Can't imagine going alone. T__T
Shall beat our previous timing together!
Anyway price is VERY expensive! Cost the same as my CNY shoes! 60$!!!
Really last race ar. Cannot keep splurging on races nonstop.

Gonna work hard to shed off 5kg! Go me GO!