Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy 20th Birthday to Meeeee! :D


Woke up at 6am in the morning just to eat this heartwarming bowl of red eggs vermicelli prepared by my mum before she head off for work!
Simple and yet a must have for my birthday! Heehe!! :)))))
She passed me an ang bao too! Haha shall only open it during desperate times where i have no money! :P

Did a 2.8km run before preparing for school.
Only had clinic today and slacked my way through! My clinician wasn't the light hearted type and i had no desire to do anything, so went around doing observation or patient! Don't wanna risk the markings for clinic to spoil my mood.

Being ZhiYong's patient for Binocular Vision while Ronald popped in and act one clinician! XDDDD

Ron's creation, my new hat! (Made out of ZhiYong's waterbottle holder! LOLOLOL!)

Off we go to Swensens at Clementi Mall after clinic for my celebratory lunch after clinic with 7 hungry tummies! :)
5 of us ordered the same thing while baoyi and kaiho ordered spaghetti.

The Mega Burger!
A gigantic burger! Layers of juicy beef patty, chicken ham, turkey bacon, grilled vegetables, onions and melted cheese topped off with a fried egg! Served with US fries and coleslaw

The serving was really huge but this pig here managed to finish it! :)
Slow and steady win the race! (Yea i'm an ultra slow eater! Everyone always have to wait for me. Ooops!)

Complimentry of dining there on my birthday!
Silly KT still say wanna go every swensen branch to redeem the free ice cream! LOLOLOL! UNCLE! XD

Strawberry slice cake! 2 BIG CANDLES LE!!! T____T

A simple birthday song and 3 wishes blown! :)))

Thank you KaiHo, Ronald and EngChuan for the Avanti Cookie Press and Icing Set!!
It's damn cool! I thought it's a blow torch at first! Never come across this before! :)

Thank you KianTeck and Santi for the lovely shoulder bag from C&K!!! Hahahahha
Reason why they give a bag is funneh!
My current bag made my FYP logbook mouldy! LOOOOOOOOL!!

 Thanks Santi for the card too! :)

Thanks to this 2 girls for the cake! :DD

With my awesome poly mates who make it happen!

Went on to meet up with my babes(Minqi, XuHong, Alicia, HuiYing) at AMK MRT in the evening and they cabbed me to this beautiful place! The cab driver told min that here got ghostly encounters. WTHECK! LOOOL!!!
Anyway I was super awestruck by the superb atmosphere and ambiance! Damn prettyyyyyyyy!!! I didn't even know such place exist in Singapore!
We're dining in the Garden!

Too bad we can't go al fresco style as it was drizzling! Heard that Min chose this place as i wanted al fresco dining back in the previous christmas day! :DDD
But nevermind! The interior of the restaurant is still pretty awesome and cozy! Pretty lovely surprise from them all!

The waiter who served us was funny, think he has some problems with conveying promotions to us. Confused by everything he said. Ying's pek chek-ness when he talk is super LOL!

(Foodie photos from Ying as usual! XD)

Anyway we ordered

3 sets of Couple Treats consisting of 4 calamari rings, 2 enoki bacons, 2 prawn paste chicken wings, 2 squid balls, 4 onion rings, 2 penang seafood cakes and 2 crab claw cakes.

12" Tom Yam Seafood Pizza 
Homemade thin crust topped with prawns, squid and mussels

12" Smoked Duck Pizza
Homemade thin crust topped with smoked duck, pomodoro, mozzarella cheese, shredded apple, rocket salad and truffle mayo 

Smoked Duck Salad
Smoked duck and green apple on a bed of mixed greens with almond flakes and zesty honey mustard mayo.

Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce tossed with anchovy dressing topped with crispy bacon, poached egg, parmesan and crisp garlic toast

Check out the oozing egg yolk from my poached egg! :DDDD
Suagu Ying and my first time having it! I love the toast! Super flavourful!

Lobster Pomodoro
Spaghetti tossed with lobster meat and rich vine tomato basil sauce

Yeewee popped by halfway through to join us for the celebration! :)
Super fabulous time chatting the night away with my dears! The food filled the 6 of us up too easily! Gosh! My tummy almost exploded!
Halfway while crapping with the rest, Dee suddenly brought out a huge slice of cake with a candle while the rest sang me a birthday song! YAY! :DDD

Orange Cake from Wild Honey

Luckily it's a sliced cake! If not we all sure die from it! XDDDD
Yummilicious orange cake! Not too sweet and rather refreshing too! My first orange cake!
That idiot Dee still sway me to believe that its a mango cake. Wtheckkkk!

Thank you Minqi for the Nike Yoga Mat!
I swear i will use it often and stop complaining about being fat! :P

Thank you XuHong for the ALDO Bag!
I has 2 new bags! My first item from Aldo! ^^

Thank you HuiYing and Alicia for the C&K Bag!
I has 3 new bags! LOLOLOL! That sneaky ying who bought it even sought my opinions beforehand 3 days back without me being suspicious. HAHAH!!

White gadget fanatics. LOL. I like xuhong's ipad!! :DDD

I feel really really blessed and happy on this special day of mine with so many well wishes through different media platforms be it facebook, twitter, texts, handshakes, verbal and stuff, birthday treats and presents!
Felt quite paiseh for troubling my friends to spend quite a sum of money on me. ><
THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN SOO SOOOO MUCH if you all happen to see my blog! (Since i didnt publicize it) :P
My 20 years of existence in planet Earth is really awesome and i'm glad that everyone of you played an amazing role in it!

I had a really great birthday!