Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012

I freaking completed a full marathon!

Was so jittery about it the night before that i only manage to catch 3 hours of sleep! Spend close to 3 hours rolling around the bed having overwhelming pre-race thoughts!

Met up with Jeong and Mike on the first train and saw Leon by chance in the same carriage to town. :)
The guys grabbed their breakfast at Mac while waiting for JiaSheng and FanYing to join us.
Deposited our baggage, grabbed 2 gels from Dee and start our race 30minutes late cause we're taking our own sweet time.


With mah boys!
Tied 2 pigtails again for this race! Ponytails and buns pressurize my scalps when i run. :P

Our plan was to stick together throughout and run as a whole group with Jeong being our pacer all the way.
We stuck to the 5 mins of run and 1 min walk intervals throughout and this sortof works pretty well for me cause i don't feel exhausted a single bit at all! :D
It's an awesome experience to run at town area at night. Was totally not looking forward to the sunrise at all. Eeeks!
Had my first experience with energy gel at the 13km mark. It actually taste better than i thought as a lot of people complained to me about its nasty taste before. It really boost me up sia! I was pretty hungry during the 12km and once i take in the gel, whoosh. Immediately feel as if the previous distance covered were non existent.

Everything was good all the way till the 21km mark. I don't feel tired, no need for any bathroom breaks, still as energetic as ever. But JiaSheng's quad muscle tensed up pretty badly and wouldn't resolve despite the kind muscle rub cream donation from random strangers.
I like how strangers help one another in situations like this. :) There're even some kind hearted public members along the ECP stretch giving out free cold towels and electrolytes drink to the tired ones!

Meanwhile we walked all the way with him till 29km before Fanying and i sped off in front of them.
Prior to that, was telling mike about my stupid decision of connecting my bib to RTRT whereby it will auto post my finishing time on twitter and fb, as we're walking quite a distance, the timing sure cui. no face! hahahahah!!
Heehee oh ya actually i did a 10sec recording in the REPC to cheer us all up during the run since i know that we will run together. The recording will play when my bib cross a certain sensor during the 30km mark. End up only Fanny get to see it! LULZ~ Anyway all was well again until the 36km where he reach his limit.

My endless of motivation and trash talks didn't work on him. heehe! Could still run but i don't wanna go on alone and throw him behind.
So we walked all the way from then and up the horrigible Benjamin Sheares bridge. As i walk, the muscles cooled down and the aches started setting in. Running feels better as compared to walking imho. My inner thigh fats also started chafing. Painful~~

Super glad when JiaSheng, Mike and Jeong caught up with the 2 of us at the final waterpoint in the race. :) JS went ahead, mike and i ran together towards the finishing point while jeong and fanny walked.

Overall its a pretty awesome race especially when its my first time completing a race fully with friends around. Usually i do it the own time own target style. With friends, i really don't feel the distance at all! :D Awesome~!

It was only after i collected my baggage and phone then i realise RTRT not only post my finishing time, but all the 5km tracks too! Lika spammed my social networks.

But its really lovely to see all the encouragements posted by my friends while i was in the midst of trying to complete the race. :')

 Pretty much determined to go for Sundown's FM race next year as i don't really feel the extreme fatigue from this race. It's like i'm still bursting with energy inside even at the last few km . Probably due to the amount of distance covered via walking (could be due to half a packet of gel that i down in the final km. -_-). I wanna know my limit and outdo myself. :D

Settled with sushi buffet at sakae sushi for our celebratory lunch since the initial intended kiseiki is full.
Everyone didn't really eat much as we went off after the second round of ordering. Jeong was like dozing off on the spot while waiting for food! LOL!

Anyway i'm proud to say that I'm a 42km finisher as of today and i can finally strike it off my bucket list! WOOOHOO~

Anyway some of the race photos captured while running.
Heeheee! Some look really retarded i know! :P

I like this photo! Look so serious haha! With half of Mike's body!

Still got countless of energy to pose! xD

The guys behind me damn cute sia! All of our excited faces!

My favourite photo of the lot. A really priceless expression!
Very very tempted to buy this since its my first full race and it holds a certain significance to me, but it's $38++.... gosh! :((((((