Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Went for my second rockclimbing session in my whole life last thursday(6th dec) after the final MST paper.
Clinical practice 2 was a killer but oh wells, i didn't really bother to read the 6 journals so i shouldn't complain much.
My virgin experience was back in my primary 5 camp which is 9 years back. :O
So.... kindof forget how it feels like to climb.

Anyway dff to Climber's Lab at Toh Guan Road with Mike and Jeong.
Belaying needs at least a level 1 course in rockclimbing. None of us have any cert tho but Mike has experience in belaying so we intend to learn from him on the spot to belay each other thereafter. However the person in charge there refuse to allow us as its against the rules and regulations so our only option left is to wait for Jingwen and her sis who have certs or hire a belayer from them.

:/ Unwilling to spend the extra $20/hr to hire a certified belayer, we went off to the nearby coffeeshop to grab a late lunch while waiting for jingwen and her sis to arrive. Entertained ourselves with Jeong's ipad and my s2 while playing many different sorts of games. We behaved super retardedly while trying to clear one of the harder stages in iSlash. xD Can't believed we spent 3 hours with eye screen interaction. haha!

 Started climbing only around 6 plus when Jw and her sis came. Rental of equipment, shoes and climb is about 15 bucks for students. Pretty reasonable for a zero time limit imposed climb.

 JW belayed me up the beginner wall first before i learn how to do it. Totally don't have the guts to look down at all! Legs confirm jellified!
Picked up the technique thereafter and off we move on to the level 6 walls! Serious challenging man. Total arm energy drainer especially at sloping areas. It looks easy but when i'm on the wall, small steps require huge load of energy for me. ><

Anyway before i start on it, i used to think that its quite easy since rocks are everywhere. It can't possibly be that hard to go up right? But fact is that i can only touch a certain colour coded stone throughout the whole climb. Gosh!

Got more and more demoralizing with the hard walls and we went back to the beginner ones for morale boosting. xD Even with me cheating by climbing on different colour coded stones, i still couldn't reach the top!

Coincidentally ZhiYong's shirt is about climbing! 'cept that his is about vertical marathon, not rock climbing.

Up the 8m level 6A wall!

Ended the session with bruises and skin scraps on my knees. Suay~ I'm the only one who kena it.
Gotta wear pants that cover knee next time! :D

Till then, life's still awesome!