Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Blesed Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!!!!

Woke up feeling as if there's magic in the air~!
No exaggerating but i really feel like a kid back then! Excited cause it's a special holiday! hahhahaha!
Anyway I had a really fantastic christmas eve night this year!Great food, awesome companions and fabulous presents! What more can i ask for? My prince charming maybe? HAHA!

Since the meetup is in the evening, i became a little santarina traveling around and passing my homebaked butter cookies to friends! :D

First Stop: Vivo City!
With NicHo!

Thought KianTeck is working at Vivo's branch that day so i went on to find him without telling him beforehand. End up he's at other branch that day! #badluckdoreen
Nevermind, Find gift paper to wrap my present for secret santa gift exchange later! :D
Received a free lollipop and hot dog bun in vivo! #goodluckdoreen

Second Stop: Town!
Met up with Santi to pass her the gifts before moving on to Takashimaya to find KianTeck! haha!
Oh the horror after i passed him his cookies. Found out that majority of my cookies were broken or smashed due to the secret santa gift! T__T That feeling sucks.
Oh wells, met up with MinQi outside his shop and off we train to Serangoon for some snacks before dinner!
Juicy XXL Garlic Chix from Hot Star Large Fried Chicken! ($4.50)
We don['t like the skin and peeled the whole thing off! hhahah! We eat like barbarians!

Bussed off to Chomp Chomp to chope seats while waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive.
We doing it the local style cause i want al fresco and.....we know that restaurants will be too expensive. LOL! Anyway it's my first time here and everything looks so yummeh!
Found tables when ying arrived and 3 of us selfishly take up 2 tables during the peak hours while waiting for XuHong, Alicia and YeeWee to arrive. Oops!

Ying did the ordering for majority of the food while and here they are! Food shotos all taken by her as well! Prepare to drool~! (Geez, i can never take awesome food photos! I'll chomp them down the moment it comes.)

Popiah! (1 spicy and 1 not)

Fried Carrot Cake

Fried Oyster Omelette


BBQ Chicken Wings


 HUGE Sugarcane Juice

 Curry Butter Crayfish

Chilli Crayfish

Black Pepper Crayfish

Sambal Stingray


Let the feast begin!~ NOM NOM NOM!!!

All the food taste so heavenly~ *Okay maybe not the popiah and carrot cake. 928 lit lit sin popiah is still the best! :D
Calories overlimit but i dont care~ Too happy to care anyway! HAHAHAH!

Thanks XuHong for the cute dust cap and tea cup from Tokyo! The back part of the dust cap is even cutier!

Just when you thought 5 girls and a guy had enough, ITS DESSERT TIME AT UDDER'S!!!!
There's always room for desserts! Heehee!

Presents to be exchanged! I'm the only fella who bothered with wrapping the gift. Haiyo!

Mao Shan Wang, Rum Rum Raisin, Orange Choc Bitters, Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla

Enjoying ice cream al fresco again with a random large group of people passing and crooning out christmas carols in their angelic voices! Superb ambience!

Thanks YeeWee for the cookies!

The girls with my little gifts!

I'm HuiYing's Secret Santa! Gave a her 2.5kg dumbell that i carried around for 4 hours! HEAVY ARRR~! The source of the crushed cookies. #Sob Haha! Hope it helps her tone her arms!

My Secret Santa is MinQi! Thanks for the lovely cookie/bread cutter and spatula!

Thank you Dee for the diary once again! and the cool colour pencil! Never see before! haha!

She's been the one sponsoring my cute diaries for the past 2 years! Can't wait to use 2013! HAHA! Check out the colour difference. :P

Lovely night! Thank you all for the love~