Tuesday, December 11, 2012


When i'm 21 years old, i wanna go backpacking in countries far far away like Europe be it alone or with a buddy. Why alone, some might ponder.
I'm no longer afraid of being alone anymore and i don't even know why i'm even afraid in the first place. Going solo allows a great deal of freedom and itineraries planned would be an own time own target thing without someone being there to affect your decision. Of course loneliness at times would be a disadvantage. 

Since young, i've always been fascinated by solo backpackers or those with a companion. Its like planning and all would be a wheeze! All you need to do is to make some time in some time of the month, book tickets, do some research and off you're ready to go! No need to woryr about being hinder by a group of people or dragging your time.

I've always find being in a new environment a new challenge especially when you got all the freedom to do whatever you want with no one judging you. Meeting new people, interacting with locals. It seem pretty interesting!

Who says traveling gotta be expensive to enjoy, I wanna do it the solo and fun way. :)