Sunday, November 25, 2012

SCMS prep

As we all know... SCMS's creeping up in exactly a week's time.
At this timing 7 days later, i'm probably stuck on the bed with an exhausted and worn out body.
Totally can't imagine that.

Ever since the day i click submit at the application page, I.Totally.Regretted.
It's seriously impossible. I've not even attempt half marathon before and here i am jumping into a full one.

Right after poly50, extreme last minute trainings for stand chart started.
Did a short slow jogs with the guys at woodlands stadium for 4km,
Treadmill-ed 11.5km,
Night run from woodlands to my house (about 10km),
Night run from kranji to yishun (about 13km).

Soo terribly exhausted and i'm the weakest runner among them. Seriously afraid that i'll not make it in the race.
Another thing is MSTs. High chance of flunking the papers since 2 of the papers are theory based. Ho mai gawd.

Damnit, I need some positivity pumped in me right now.