Sunday, November 11, 2012


Check out the past series of cookouts for the previous few months! It's almost like a once a month thingy! hahah!

Cookout #1, 19th August 2012, My Kitchen
The very first cookout session with YongTeck and JianHong. An impromptu decision on twitter that was carried out 2 hours later. hahaha!

Chicken curry, Stir fry chye sim with chicken breast and ABC soup.

Cookout #2, 20th August 2012, My Kitchen
This time with Ronald, JiaPeng, YongTeck, ZhiYong, JianHong!
My kitchen was a total warzone!! hahaah! hectic mess!

ABC soup with lots of random ingredients, pan fried tempura pork chop, stir fried bok choy with anchovies, boiled hot dogs, fried luncheon meat, fried rice, hot dog omelette, leftover curry and cheesy omelette.

Cookout #3, 6th October 2012, YongTeck's Kitchen
A last minute session with Ronald, JianHong and YongTeck.

Zhabalang Sweet Ba Kut Teh, Stir fry chye sim, Cheesy omelette, Aglio olio, Sliced rockmelon.

Cookout #4, 10th November 2012, JianHong's Kitchen
Carried out with Ronald, JianHong  ZhiYong, YongTeck, JianBin and Julian.

Porridge, Scrambled egg, Minestrone soup, Otak otak from malaysia, Steamed salted egg with tofu and fish paste, Steamed egg with minced meat, Sauteed potato with italian herbs.
Plus chocovanilla ice cream with cone for dessert! xD

It's fun having sessions like this with my fellow friends to experiment with new dishes and learning how to cook certain stuffs. Interesting to find a bunch of guy friends who are interested in culinary like me (tho some are just present for the food).
I'm usually the only female present at all the sessions. ><
Interestingly more guys like to cook than girls LOL.

Luckily so far all the past dishes taste fabulous, no screwed up ones! :D
(JianBin's Sauteed Potato taste mad awesomeeee~!)
Looking forward to much more cookouts coming right up. Already thought of my next dish! Potato croquettes that i'd learn back in secondary 4 provided it suit the theme if there is! :D