Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You're a forgotten memory :)

Can't believe my holiday is coming to an end in less than 2 weeks' time.
But 'am still  glad that it was spent fruitfully as compared to the past tho expenses were higher. I used to stuff everyday in my schedule with work to the extend that i only have 2 rest day at home in the whole of 6 weeks holiday.

I only did events in this holiday and freedom is still mad lot for my to do lots of catchups and meetups with my old/new friends. I can't really imagine this as my last holiday already. Once i started working in optical retail shops next year, thats it. T___T
Social life will drop to sea level.

Anyway catch up dee and choo on monday night for dinner. That choo is still as silly as ever! haha! Been more than a year since we really sit down and talk. How time flies. Should get her out for dinner often since we near quite near each other. 2 of us even went for a morning jog the next day too! :D Dee's off for a holiday to Bangkok. #jealousmuch.

Had poly50 sprint trainings and gym yesterday evening with Mike, Jiasheng, Julian and Jianhong before we head off to an impromptu bbq invited by Jiasheng! hahahah! We're there to help to clear the extra bbq food from his sister's BBQ.

Luckily i ran more than 10k that day, if not i won't stomach any of the food. It was a pretty enjoyable night with them, talking about inter-class and inter-trips stuff as we're all from diff classes and peeps from each nepal, cambodia and india trip were present.

Aiyo.... i look like i put on 5kg here. haha!