Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nike We Run SG 2012

*UPDATE 22/10/12
Okay my timing's worst than expected! D:

Went for We Run SG 2012 Nike Race today! :DA joyful run especially when i get to meetup with a bunch of my course-mates after the race. Usually its just alicia and me or adhi.
Pretty much enjoyed this race although i don't feel physically fit for it after with my recent stagnant exercise period and sedentary lifestyle lately.

Met Mike and FanYing in the morning before setting off to the race site.
Baggage deposit was terrible LOL! We queued around 30 minutes for it. Totally missed the first and second flag off. But yea, we're not alone and they last minute throw in a third flag off at 8am.

The race route.
Not very fond of it due to the 3 loops and there's quite a bit of bottleneck here and there.

3 of us stuck and ran together with me as the pacer since i'm the slowest runner among them. Running together with friends for first time instead of own time own target. :D
The first 3km was LOL. We were slowed in a massive jogging crowd and we were practically jogging as well. X_X
The weather was pretty great but i really dislike running in sleeved clothings. Black colour somemore! D:
Water points were plenty which is awesome but i lost the guys at the 6~7km zone.  Mike's pace impossible for me to catch up. To make things worst, my bladder gave up on me. :( Went to the toilet halfway through. Total waste of my time.
With the guys missing from my sight, my motivation dipped. :( Blanked out throughout the whole run and couldn't remember much about the landmarks and sceneries when we're discussing about it post race.

Estimated my net time to be about 59 or 60 minutes. Deproved again. >< Grahhhh! Met up with JiaSheng and JiaPeng after my race and we began hunting for mike and fy since both of them didn't carry phone with them plus our plan was to run together so we didn't decide on a landmark to meet. ~.~

With Alicia~!

JiaSheng and JiaPeng! :D

SockLeng and JiaYi! Saw them by chance when SL called out to me! 3 years since i last see her.

 Finally found the 2 guys while queuing for baggage collection. Amazing how they spot us among th 20k runners wearing the same race tee!

The Optometry Runners! (Limin mising)
We conquered 10k!

Received a finisher tee towards the end of race instead of medal. The one that mike's wearing in the photo on top. I like the fitting and design! Quite nice IMO.

Brunched together in Bugis with them before i rush off to work......unshowered. Total stinkage.
No time for it ma! HAHAHAH! Luckily it's only a 2 hours event.
Gotta stop taking up events after my every race. Hate the rush.

Gotta start changing my lifestyle for the upcoming 42k!