Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Haunted bridesmaids

Collected the 6 toga dresses that we ordered from a shop in Far East Plaza on friday for our haunted bridesmaid theme. There's 23 colours available for the dress but we settled with blue after trying quite a fair bit of colours.

Off to Grand Hyatt Hotel's toilet to change! :D

Makeup time was a total LOL!!!
Everyone did our own makeups except Yim who got zero experiences with cosmetics.
Drawing eyeliner for her is a challenge due to her inner lids. Can't stop laughing at the screw ups when Joy and Santi tried to draw for her. xD


Accidentally came up with a pretty decent hair updo for myself when i was randomly twirling up the hair and pinning it with hairpins. Everyone commented that it's nice and neat! wahahahah #talentedgirl


Love the necklaces, love the dresses, love the girls~

Pretty white roses for the pretty unhaunted(yet) bridesmaids. :P
We really felt as if we're going to a wedding!

Spent close to 2 hours inside the toilet until a cleaner came to ask if we're done! hahaha! Time passes by so fast when you're having fun.
Seldom wear till so hiao, must camwhore more.


We look too decent to be in the halloween theme! hahahah! I still remember last year where i did an impromptu costume dressup with Ying to Zouk. The makeup was mad ugly! hahahah!!!
Just a huge contrast compared to the past.

Cabbed to Clarke Quay to meetup with Agnes and XuHong while Yim and Joy get their dinner.

Agnes doing her makeup.

Before setting off. Our formation for the night in off shoulder and height pattern.

Walked around CQ and quite a lot of people request to take photos with us! haha, Loving the attention. At some point, more than 10 cameras were pointing at us everytime we pose with people. Some even thought CQ hired us to take photos with people. Ultra LOL!

This creepy white fella hor! He/she is super sneeky la! As i was walking at the back, it tapped me on my shoulder and scared me with his/her mask! Screamed like nobody's business. ~.~

Went to Zirca and we're among the 100 to get free entry in costume. hahaha! Actually they reject us one, we borrowed fake blood from a bunch of dark angels with promise of letting her friend cut queue.
Unwillingly poured the fake blood. ><


Went off to gai gai around and take peektures after getting our chop chop.

This 2 little girls were super scary and cute!!! They were crawling around the floor with hair covering their eyes and chasing after us. All of us screamed and ran around like mad! hahahaha!

Phototerrorist spotted! Give the act innocent face somemore! xD

Loving this photo. Really look like we're their bridesmaids! Just nice the guy was in the shade of blue with a bouquet of flower and the female in a gorgeous white gown.

This photo's suppose to be damn awesome but the angle is wrong and BLUR! T__T

Met 2 guys from SP who brought us into Le Noir for free drinks which we left after a jar of cranberry vodka. Way too packed inside to enjoy ourselves.

Saw Ryan and Limin!
HAHAHAH my act creepy photo with limin's damn fail. We keep staring at each other and bursting into laughter everytime a photo was about to be taken. This is the best shot so far. xD

Didn't really enjoy ourselves much at Zirca tho. Kinda bored throughout though the music was pretty fine. It's way too hot, humid and squeezy inside. D:
Danced and we threw our rose petals all over the place. Heehee.
Anyway we saw a group fight lasting about a minute at the dancefloor. Interesting. :X

The bunch of dark angels i mentioned previously.

Went up to the VIP area to find Gaiana and her friends. One of them gave us Martell. Made to drink it even when i rejected it. ><
There goes my 10 years no alcohol resolution since my class chalet.
Pretty awed by the vip zone. They really party hard and drink like nobody's business.

Never gonna party sober again. Too sober this time round. D:

Cabbed back to Santi's condo and KO-ed.