Monday, October 22, 2012

Stupid mistake

How my blog looks like a day ago.

This really sucks.
Not only have i lost all my contacts, chatlogs and data in my phone, i accidentally deleted every photos that my blog contains dated before my nike race entry. Had no idea that all the blog photos were uploaded into picasa that is linked with google+ account and there's no fucking undo function.
I think up there really wants to erase all my memories of the awesome times i had this few months. Zzz
Managed to source out some of the photos via cached, photo folders, facebook, instagram, twitter but majority were gone... The ones that were cached were of very poor quality. :/

YW helped me to retrieve back the photos from my phone before it was cleansed out. However i deleted all those photos since i usually upload all the photos from my phone here. So i thought taht there's no use for it so... off to the trash bin it went. Now i totally regretted. I can't even replace some of the photos back up intot his blog. Fuck.

Seriously felt as if this is some planned conspiracy to erase all my memories and everything around me. fuckkkkkk.

WOOOOOOO Luckily i often use emailing to send my photos to the laptop. At least i manage to retrieve the recent photos! :D #heng #heng #HENG