Thursday, October 18, 2012

3 free movies in 3 days

Had 2 events on sat and met this balloonist called Bryan on my first one. Slack around together since we got a long interval before our second event. Wanted to look for ice cream parlor but there's nothing much in sixth avenue so we settled with Ritz Apple Strudel! :D His treat for mango and peach strudel! hehe.
Made him twist a cow balloon for me cause his balloon sculptures are so far the nicest i've seen from all my events.
Damn cute right?

Walked close to 5km to my next event place cause i wanna scrimp on travel fare. xD #budgetmax
Did a birthday party event and got scolded by client at one point of time. Asssssss~ She's fucking fierce. Not exactly my fault anyway. Sua~

Dinnered with my mum and bro for a be-early bro birthday celebration at Mayim!
None of us look alike here! haha! I think i look older than my bro wtf!

Dishes that we ordered:


Went off to junction8 after dinner while bro went back to school hostel. Poor mummy went home alone.

Caught Taken 2 with Bryan. His treat again haha! He too much money to spare LOL.
Overall it was a good movie. Not as bad as majority critic-ed but not exceptionally awesome la. Just love the way the dad is freaking good with calculations and tracking!


Gaigai the next day with min, ying and xh!
It's always weird how i always have very little photos with my this bunch of close friends. None of us will self initiate photo taking 1.
Anyway drag them along with me to orchard central to change my Nike race tee to L. I refuse to run in a body hugging top LOL! Self consciousness very high.
Shopped around and dined in a terrible thai restaurant. My fried rice was practically close to swimming in oil. Gross!

Gai gai around somemore till 7pm where xh and i head off to catch Resident Evil Retribution at Shaw. Her treat since she had a pair of free tickets! :D
My previous RE movie 2 years ago was watched with her too! heehee. That girl treated me to a huge hazelnut macaron from canele too! Happy me! We're giggling about how weird it is to eat macarons while watching movie.
The movie was....okay? Not as scary that i expected but the storyline was kinda weak. Hmm in fact i think there's no storyline at all! It feels i'm watching a video game played out in reality. Too little zombies!
Homed while dreading the 8am school the next day.


Received positive feedbacks from my classmates who didn't see me in the semester break. LOL! My hair must be really terrible before i rebonded it.
As usual, we'll bombed with projects and to be fair to the group who took in a loner kid for the whole previous semester, we draw lots to form groups this time round.
Stupid idea seriously, the usual #foreversuay Doreen kena her in the group! LOOOOOOOOL! Felt ominous beforehand already!
I think this year 3 class of mine is slightly more bonded as compared to before the break? haha! At least we're no that ultra segregated anymore! :D

Trained to Jurong Point with KT and Santi to catch Sinister in courtesy of KT's treat!
I watched 3 free movies 3 consecutive days in a row. Super lucky or what? heehee! :B
Was panicking and freaking myself out when they're psyching me to go.
Even freaked out and screamed in class when Dorcas approached me from behind to ask us something. Thats how paranoid i was. haha!
Was seriously freaked and wanted to forgo the show but this 2 '损友s' won't let me go. ~.~ Purpose of his treat was to force me to go and watch the movie. hahaha!
The ticket counter lady was super cute! When i pass her my student card, i casually commented that i wished i was underage for the show. She saw my timid state and reassured me by saying that there's no subtitles for the movie, so if i can't catch what the characters were saying, good for me. LOOOOOOL MAX!

Went to get a bag of chips with intention to use the crispy sounds from the chips to distract me from the eerie sound effects/background music. My awesome tatics! :D
Santi watched with eyes covered except a small portion of the central vision, i watched with mainly objects or hands covering my eyes except the sides of the screen while KT is the only brave soul who watch without covering eyes. Super LOL!~
It's like santi having tunnel vision, me having central scotoma and KT being the only one with full visual field.
Managed to understand the movie although i filtered away majority of the scenes. :X Overall i think it's not as scary as i expect it to be la... in terms of storyline. As for visual effects i'm not sure since i covered my eyes most of the time.

Thats like my very very very first horror movie inside the theatre in my life! Can't strike it off my bucket list yet since i watched it with eyes and ears covered. ><


Ohya! Check out my pretzels! I think they look pretty awesome. :D
Fun and easy to make!