Saturday, October 13, 2012

01 and 02 chalet!


too awesome till i can only cover 2 days of activities here!

Anyway I can't believe i baked 4 chiffon cakes within 3 days. Super addictive especially when they turn out soft and yummy!

Pandan Chiffon Cake that i baked on monday out of boredom. Used a new recipe from here.
It taste and look far better than the first pandan chiffon that i made few months back. Love the spongy soft texture when i press on it! :D 
Mummy love it and the whole cake's gone the very next day! heehe!

Baked another 2 chiffon cakes the following day.
Pandan Chiffon Cake again for my mum to bring it to batam for my maternal relatives and Kahlua Coffee Chiffon Cake for my DOPT02 class chalet!
Used the recipe from here.
It tastes damn good and it's very moist with hints of coffee fragrance. The only thing i'm skeptical about is absence of kahlua taste. Maybe i'll increase it to 4tbsp in future. However, am glad that the class love it as well! This recipe's definitely a keeper.

Lastly is this! Oreo Chocolate Chiffon Cake with the recipe from here. Made this for DOPT01's chalet.
Did some changes to the recipe by using 5 eggwhites instead of 6 and added cocoa powder in for a mild chocolatey taste to compliment the oreos and a nicer shade of colour.
I pretty much regretted so as it's not as tall as the previous chiffons that I've made and the texture's not as soft as how i preferred my chiffons to be. As for taste wise.... everyone said that it's good but i think there could still be improvements. Would probably improvise from my kahlua coffee chiffon cake in future. However i adore the specks of crushed oreo bits on the surface of the cake. Pretty right? :P

Anyway as stated before that i have 2 chalets, days passed by freaking fast this week! D:
Means that holiday's ending before i know it. T__T

Had a 2d1n chalet with DOPT3A/02 on Tuesday!
Saw Mr Goh (my emaths teacher back in sec3) on the mrt platform while on my way to meet yingying. He's still as cute as ever! hahah! :D Doraemon!

Did the last minute shopping at AMK hub for the drinks, corn, potato and chips before she drive me to aloha. I'm still amazed by young female drivers! :D YT commented that we look alike here. Do we?

Much more stuffs in the backseats than shown in the photos.

We picked up Lili along the way at Pasir Ris. Looks like we're in a huge cab instead of Yingying driving. hahah! Just realise our names all contain similar syllabus.

Yingying, Lili and Huihui! :D


This very first time where this new class of mine mingle around together. Tho there's still a bit of segregation but i'm glad that everything went well! :D

Left with Dorcas, Leanne, Joel, Sirui, Warren, Santi and i by 12 midnight. Nice chat with them in a room before we head out to get mixers for our 200ml peach vodka! LOL! Warren generously donated $40 while Sirui drive me to the nearest cheers to get more drinks. His car's awesome! Anyway $40's not enough to get liquors so he mix and match the drinks for us. :)
Paid up and the cashier didn't even bother to check our ICs. I no longer look underage! DDDDD:

Played the typical multiplayer drinking games and i anyhow mix gross drinks for everyone! Super phail bartender. :X
Sirui's stupid rule of placing hand on the head.

The no '你我他' is always a classic that cleared the drinks asap. Everyone talk like a retarded! HAHAH!!
Check out the queue for the toilet towards the end of the game.

Did some truth or dare and hide and seek in the dark. KT's epic expression's damn funny when i scare him in the dark! xD

KO-ed in bed at 5am while Sirui drive home. Sleepy max!
Checked out, breakfast with the peeps and home sweet home!

Did an event at buona vista then, orchard central to collect WeRunSG Nike racepack. The race's next week and i'm still ultra unprepared as per normal. Think i will exceed 1 hour sia! X_X

Bus to aloha with Engchuan and joined the rest in their soccer/badminton games. Wandered off with the girls halfway through to the beach. Initial plan was to get bikes for night cycling. End up we're too late(all the rental shops were closed) tree climbing we go~ heehee.


 I initially wanted to climb this tree, but it became taller as i got nearer to it. Even Santi can't climb that for her tall height!

Found a smaller one and off we both go up~! haha! Not gonna show how low it actually is. :P

Back in time for a steamboat dinner with the class + Peifang's curry chicken and aglio olio! Nommies! I went healthier choice, only ate the soupy items. :P
Ron and i gatecrashed Dorcas's clique's chalet located near us after my dinner. They super cute la, still half done with cooking and preparing food at 9pm! They did a potluck concept on the spot instead of the usual bbq/steamboat in chalets.
Crapped with them and even bet with Ronald on what time they will start eating. I WON btw(played cheat of course). :D Tried some of their dishes and am proud of JianHong for awesome dumplings! hahha! He's the type who can't cook and ever since our cookout at YongTeck's house(we made dumplings), he improved! xD

Went back to our own class chalet to go get more drinks in Naimah's car.
Vroom vroom to ehub fairprice with Ron, Naimah, Santi and Baoyi! :)

The remaining us girls left in the chalet went off to the jacuzzi to soak water. Too bad the jacuzzi stop working after 10pm. Did some girly talks about future, boys, many more! heehee! Talk and talk and before we know it, we'll in the pool for close to 2 hours.

Went back to the chalet to bathe and crashed Dorcas's side again with Santi. To be honest, that side more fun and lively than the class chalet. >< Our side just keep watching the television and i really hate eye screen interaction. Stayed there for awhile before getting them over to our chalet to play card and drinking games since our chalet is much bigger.
My class peeps ordered McDelivery while the rest of us head inside a room to play some bang bang game taught by YT. Went out to the living room quite a few times to get the class to join in but none of them wanna join in...prob due to awkward i guess? So we just start the drinking games without them.

First game we played was to pour drinks into a cup in the middle without spilling it.
Even when it is filled to the brim, majority of us managed to pour a drop in it without oveflowing it! hhaa the tension is damn LOL! I overflowed the first one and the penalty was to drink the whole cup. I think 1/3 of it was pure vodka. @__@ 

Check out how full the cup was already and we manage to go one round among us before overflowing it! The water meniscus out already lor!

I drew the first blood! heehee!

Santi got it the second round. She wants it anyway ahahahah!!

 After 2 rounds of the overflowing game, we moved on to the typical multi player drinking game.
Variation this time was that
Ace to 3 black (Self drink + amount of gulp stated on the cup)
Ace to 3 red (Appoint someone to drink + amount of gulp stated on the cup)
4 (The 2 people beside player drink)
5 (Cancel card)
6 (Rhyming words)
7 (007 bang)
8 (Fist game)
9 (口是心非)
10 (Set action rule before drinking)
J (Set new rule)
Q (Whoever talk to the player drinks)
K (Toilet card)

Each penalty is half a cup of drink.

Pretty fun to play with this bunch of peeps cause everyone's pretty onzxz and won't stop even when tipsy! LOL!
I totally went over tipsy after 2 rounds. SEH TTM! xD
There's 3 bottles of 1L vodka but we only clear half of them.


 Laughed like mad with TCC as we keep playing fist games! xD

There's still drinks in the cup. wtffff!

 Ended off with me collapsing on the bed and the world spinning like mad around me.
At that point of time i wished i didn't drink so much! Felt so horrible!!! Even with my eyes close, the world refuse to stop spinning. Had to even trouble Santi to take care of me while i puke in a plastic bag and toilet bowl. :X

Woke up the next day feeling miserable! The want-puke-cant-puke feeling is overwhelming.

Check out the 2 people who kena hangover. Unglam max from tcc's phone. Buay tahan-ed and cabbed home from Pasir Ris. Vowed never to touch liquors ever again while i almost puked in the taxi. That horrible feeling lasted a day ++! Totally slept my day away at home.

Met a few more people at night to get out of home for fresh air. :X

No more alcohol ever manzxzx~!