Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Results came out today!
Seriously it came as a surprise for me as i thought my year 3 academic results were goner as i wasn't putting in much effort. But yeah baby~ My highest sem GPA so far! 3.816!

Looking back i'm glad that i pulled through my poly life, giving my best during all the past papers even if it means burning the midnight oil. It's worth it. GPA might not be the highest, but i'm pretty proud of it as it's really all my hardwork. Painstaking pulling cum GPA from 3.1 to 3.6 wasn't easy.

Back in secondary school, i used to have a lazy and can't-be-bothered mindset. Even if it means belonging to the bottom 5 in class ranking, it doesn't bother me until secondary 4. I told myself that my secondary life is pretty screwed already, i mustn't repeat it again in poly. I want grades that i can be proud of, i want good CCA grade, I want my poly life to be awesome.
So far everything's going pretty good except CCA. I've gotten a gold with honours for CCA since year 2. However i still don't belong to any CCA at all. :( Wished i could commit more to it. 

But oh wells. IMMA HAPPY GIRL! :)