Monday, September 24, 2012

Everything changed in a week...

Did an event at united square for PCF children table tennis event held by the STTA.
There's even a special appearance by Wang Yue Gu and 2 other national table tennis players for an autograph session for the kids.

This is Yue Gu's bronze Olympic 2012 London medal. Damn huge and heavy! Compare it to my palm size! LOL!
Okay, held an olympic medal before. Can die in peace. #choy-ar

With Jen :)

Went off to Costa Sand Pasir Ris J06 to meet YeeWee and GuoLiang for the planning of Dee's birthday BBQ.
Ultraaaaaa last minute and impromptu 1 sia!
I just did a list of food on the spot and we 3 go, 'Okay can. Let's go ntuc buy everything.'
Ying arrived not long later with my mum's marinated seafood and Jenny came with Dee's cake.
Off we kickstart the bbq~ :D
The guys start up the fire, ying cleaned the mattresses to be used for later while i prepare the food.

Alvis and Dee arrived late and i make awesome bbq-ed marshmallows! #random
Glad that the chalet went well tho the amount of people who came is small and everything was last minute.

Gymmed and sports massage the next day with NicHo!
He trained my thighs and cores till i feel like an old lady. My core's so weak that i was shaking at my first rep. GAWDDD~
My sports massage was to help the people there to hit their quota given by the instructor. hahaha #zhuandao
My pain tolerance is pretty high, so didn't really scream as appose to what the people there tell me. My masseur commented that my quads, thighs and calves muscles were pretty tight. Hmmm wonder how they see it. She pressed till her arms were achings. >_< But overall it felt awesome. :)

Homed soon after to collect macarons from my Andy! :D
Requested for Laduree macarons when i saw his wife checking into Paris on fb. Always been hearing about Laduree macarons and i finally got it in my hands, mouth, tummy! :DDDDDDD
Saw Sherica while waiting downstairs for Andy as she alighted from the bus and we both waited together. I was telling her to spot for a dark blue Audi as thats the colour of Andy's car and when he finally came, he drove a lorry instead!!! hahahaha! Gotta thank him much much as he gave it to me instead of deducting from my pay for helping him to find workers for the past year. :)

If i'm not wrong, flavours should be (clockwise direction)
Coffee, Orange, Lemon, Rose, Raspberry, Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla

Taste really awesome and i can't believe that it came from Paris! hahahaah! nom noms.

Event at the Zoo on Saturday!
Working for an 50th anniversary event for MINDS as popcorn girl and Ying as the floss lady.
Witnessed many wonderful parents around caring for their kdis as im really certain that i will abort my child if doctors detected any abnormality before birth. Don't want it to suffer in life and i don't want to suffer with it too. Self thoughts but yea, practical. #capricorn_nature

Some of the kids there were really adorable as they stare at the kettle popping out popcorns and start a little conversation with me. Very polite people. :)
Had fun fooling around with a little malay girl whose speech impaired and a little mentally slow. She's super cute and kept offering me her crackers to eat. Sweet ain't it?
Her parents keep commenting that every time they turn around, she's always gone and forever handing around my area. hahaha!

Event ended 2 hours early so off we go to catch the animal shows!
First was the Rainforest fight back. Talks about deforestation and stuffs! We only caught half of the show as we were late. The animals were so well trained! Awesome and cute max!

Up next was the Elephants at work and play. We purposely sat at the front rows of the middle seat.
The 4 elephants are madly cute! They were even trained to nod or shake head at the right time! hahahaha! There's a particular elephant that love posing a lot even when it's not asked to. Super hiao! ahahhaaah!!!


End off with my desperate me trying to take a photo with the elephants! 

Up next was Animal Friend show with all the household pets performing! Some dogs were pretty unwilling to do the tricks but the trainers were super patient with them. Awesome. :) No photos as all were blur so......this brings us to our last show! The Splash Safari featuring a Sealion!

We sat at the middle in the front row again at the splash zone! :D
The Sealion's super qianbian by clapping at all the inappropriate times to taunt the public. hahahhaahh! cute max! Was soaked from waist down after the show after brign splashed by the sealion.

End off with some animal viewing. Was pretty exhausted after the 4 shows. No idea why as we're sitting most of the time! haha!


Did a short event with Ying at ECP before rushing off to my little nephew's full month party.
Decided to drop off at bugis halfway through to look for cheap soakoff for my cui gelish! hahaah!
All the buffering left my poor nails feeling tortured. Sweared to stay away from gelish for a long time. :X

Reached Raffles Town Club in tiem to see majority of my relatives leaving. piangzxz. hahah! Anyway this is baby marcus! :)

He weighs a lot for a full month baby!

Oops, a friend told me that the way i held the baby is wrong. Should've support the head. :X

High tea buffet was served at the private lounge and i ate till i couldn't stuff in dinner afterwards. Sooooo many nice food! :)))))))))
Esp the kueh pie tee! nom noms!

Ying and Min came over at night for mooncake making!
Haha first time trying it out, not bad la though it looks really ugly. LOL!

Raw mooncake

Resting after 10 mins of bake
After applying eggwash

Freshly out from the oven~

I don't want us to reduce to hi-bye friends...
Wtf. Why did you barge back into my life when i thought you're gone and just suddenly?