Sunday, September 2, 2012

Comex 2012

Comex officially ended and I'm glad that I went for it even though i was informed to work alone initially.
This 4 days seriously passed by crazily fast and i made new friends, crap and joke around with many different people and even outdo myself!
It's been an awesome experience for me as i now understand more about antivirus software and the pros and cons of different brands. It was only when i reach home then i found out that i have a variety of different free antivirus software installed in my computer. ~.~ It's a wonder it didn't crash as of yet.

I promote Trend Micro so much to the extend that i bought 1 for myself! hahaha! As the 1 user was sold out and a customer named Thomas wanted only the 1 user, we shared the cost of the 2 users box set and split the 2 discs, resulting us in a win-win solution as we paid cheaper than the original 1 user price for the same function. hahah! We keep laughing about how random and funny this transaction is!

One of the day's lunch

Mascot that comes only in the weekend! He's cute when he 'pei he' the ultra funny emcee to dance oppa gangnam style. It's actually an ultra crazily skinny guy inside the suit.

I think i hit the overall top sales throughout the 4 days as i sortof 'monitored' everyone's sales of the day too. Kinda proud of myself as this is my first time doing sales and promoting for a product with commission. I used to hate commission based job as i'm afraid that i will under-perform. Glad that this turns out otherwise. Calculated up to about 400$ made within this fruitful 4 days. Shiok much.
Was also ultra proud of myself when yeewee told me that i caught both Trend Micro lady boss's eye in terms of promoting as they wanna ask me whether i want to continue to work for them part time or not after Comex. Heehee! :D
Check out my sales notepad. sold 75 sets in 4 days! If only i wasn't placed in the best denki booth on second day, i'm sure i can hit at least 90 sets lor!

Fooled around with this Norton antivirus guy who keep disturbing me during the last 2 days! heheh irritating ah beng la he! Keep running to our booth to disiao and shoving lots of ricola sweets into my mouth. Crapped with the CIMB bank worker who works near my booth too! He inch very closely to our booth to get clients and I keep mistaking him for public by accidentally passing him a lot of flyers. Saw many many more familiar faces and friends in the weekends. IT fair is really a place to meet friends sia! haha!
I even saw Mr Tang from CCHY! Wished him Happy Teachers' Day as he came on 1st sept! hahahahah! Purposely took a photo with him to spite dee! :P Wished i could upload the photo here but i accidentally deleted it! :(

Ladyboss of the antivirus went to buy gongcha for us to drink on our last day! O' SWEET HEAVEN ON EARTH~!! Not the best thing to drink when you're promoting till your throat is almost hoarse but it taste damn good when you're tired! And yea, had to shout quite a bit throughout the whole Comex as there's a loud speaker in my booth with an emcee hosting. Super thanks to dee too for getting me a honey lemon drink for my poor throat after day #3!

My awesome colleagues! I'll miss working with them and chionging sales together!
Adeline, HuiLing, Doreen, Denise, Royce, JiongWen

Definitely will feel weird not waking up at 830am and not heading to Suntec for work tomorrow morning.
Can't wait to meet up with them again next week when we return the clothes! :)

Gonna start this 1 month lose weight competition with Royce to see who can shed the most pound within that time frame! hahahah! Loser treat sakae! Go me go!