Friday, August 3, 2012


Had a farewell surprise for Sharon Chua with the Nepal peeps after clinic!

Nice to be around this bunch of people again tho it's just a short while.♥
Anyway PeiFang got this from an online bakery store as our farewell 'cake'. Had the Chocolate red velvet cupcake. Nommy tho its kinda too sweet for me.

Strawberry cheesecake and creamcheese red velvet cupcakes

The Oreo Cheesecake cupcakes look like unbaked cupcake batters!

Passed this montage made by the team to Sharon after the surprise. Love how they make everything so colourful and pretty!
We're all waiting for her to get teary and all tho we know what she's the emotionally strong type of person la. hahah! End up the best we got were red eyes.

Had a crappy presentation for Clinical Prac's module and we all thought that what we did were not relevant. Sua~ We were the only group that Dorothy were frowning and didn't ask questions about. Sua~ screwed. :(
Didn't join the 01s for KianTeck's belated birthday celebration due to my ceremony and went off back to yishun.

Forgo the thought of going home to clean up and went straight to the bursary ceremony with the company of Min and Ying!
There's a sudden ultra heavy downpour and my black flats were all soaked. AGAIN! There's always a crazy heavy rain whenever i wear that out. Piangzxzx. Cursed flats.

Anyway saw PeiJun as well as some other ex-cchy peeps seated there too. Feels good to see ex-classmates that i didn't catch up with for a long time.
The super nice CC aunties served me a huge plate of sinful food! eeks! But i like the thai codfish cube thingy.

My seating number. Neither front nor back. Was right smack in the middle. :X

The guest of honour, Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim giving a speech before we went up on stage to get the bursary from him. I miss shaking hands with Prof Ho Peng Kee back in every year in primary school. lol.

Had an impromptu meetup with Nic after i got home for his dinner as he's around the north side. Brought him to ChongPang to eat but end up he didn't like the Nasi Lemak. Oops! Had Tauhuay and we waited super long for the bus back due to the sudden rain. If not i'll insist on walking back. :X